The work that park rangers perform may encompass everything from law enforcement to cultural interpretation, with smaller, less visited parks requiring rangers to serve in a number of roles; and larger, more popular parks calling on rangers to serve in a more specialized capacity. Park natural resource managers share a basic challenge: how to improve the quality of natural resources with limited budget and staff. January 7. This session reviews CDC guidance, known ADA requirements for recreation programs, and applies these to four case studies. The hub of collaborative knowledge building for the NPS workforce. Join us as we discuss all these facets of leadership and seek to help each of us define leadership in a way that helps build a successful brand within our agency that leads all of our employees to succeed. This workforce is geographically dispersed, with many staff members and volunteers “at the end of the trail” and on the go. After working side by side as the owners/directors of Meadowbrook Day Camp from 2004 to 2016, they launched Roz and Jed Training & Consulting to help Youth Development Professionals make a difference. (0.034 CEU), LWCF State Assistance Fund: Tapping into Its Great Potential for Your Community (0.1 CEU), How to Expand Ecological Restoration and Management in Your Park System (0.1 CEU), A Simplified Guide to Successful Grant Writing (0.034 CEU). Join this entertaining and informative program from the 2020 Virtual event, to hear how park and recreation professionals can effectively implement, lead, and navigate people through the uncertainties of organizational change or disruptions in their communities. : Activities to Make All of Your Trainings More Fun and Impactful (0.1 CEU), Master Class: Meetings 101 — 10 Sure Ways to Get Them Talking! This session will provide a variety of training activities that can be used as openers, energizers, reinforcers and powerful learning tools for all types of learners. Those are just to name a few of what being a supervisor does! and "Tap Into Your Power to Inspire.". Build trust and loyalty in a multi-generational workforce through emotional intelligence. As a result, Oregon does it differently than New Jersey, and Texas does it differently than Illinois. The training program is offered at various venues across the country. Her section also manages both the Department's Phase II NPDES permit and its NPDES Industrial Permit as well as provides GIS support to both the Park Planning and Stewardship Division and the Department as a whole. Engage more strategically resilience to manage organizational change. The course is designed for entry-level operational personnel; however, this course also applies to all wildland fire service personnel, including non-operational personnel. Discover and subscribe to groups of interest. Identify ways to build effective and/or sustainable relationships with fellow coworkers and teams. Terms like PPE, positivity rate, and asymptomatic have barged into the language used to plan programs, staff facilities, and maintain parks and facilities. Nothing is more important right now to our staff than to provide leadership, resources, and support during this difficult time. The National Conservation Training Center, located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is the newest training center used by the National Park Service. Join this 2020 Virtual session for an in-depth discussion and case study analysis on the interface between the CDC's COVID-19 requirements and American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Most of us know of Stephen A. The table below is organized by target audience, listing the courses appropriate for each audience. Boise Aquatic Group. New Division Chief Leadership Development Program, Interpretation Leadership and Business Skills (ILBS). Prior to joining the association, she completed her Master of Public Health degree from George Washington University, with a focus on health promotion and prevention efforts. She currently works for Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the past few years, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has been monitoring the impact of the opioid epidemic on park and recreation professionals and the communities they serve. Determine the operational plans needed to meet these standards. ‘Futureproof’ Your Parks for Resiliency to Climate Change (0.1 CEU), From Brown to Green: Transforming Urban Infrastructure in Lakeland, Florida (0.1 CEU), Conservation in the Parks: A Community-Based Approach (0.034 CEU). Presenters will discuss the findings of a summary report coming out of a Community of Practice (CoP) developed by NRPA and includes overarching themes and lessons learned, data collected from agencies across the country, and recommendations from leading public health organizations and the federal government. He oversees data collection and analysis at the borough level, and helps the agency to develop and implement solutions to operational challenges. Can we use emotional intelligence to help build trust and loyalty across the whole company? This online course exposes students to human performance concepts as part of basic wildland firefighter training. Katy Keller is the name and marketing is her game! National Center for Preservation Technology and Training 645 University Parkway Natchitoches, LA 71457 Email: ncptt[at] Phone: (318) 356-7444 Fax: (318) 356-9119 We know that today's park and recreation professionals want to reach their professional goals through education that fits their lifestyles, whether through classroom training, conference education events or fully online. This bundle is packaged to provide over 5.0 CEU upon completion by including the full education sessions plus, all Speed Sessions (0.68 CEU eligible) are included for no additional cost. I assist project managers in designing and permitting projects to comply with Federal, State, and County environmental and forest conservation laws, policies and plans. Additionally, she works with the National Park Service on training for the facility management division, Yellowstone National Park on training for its Snowmobile Education Course. Our service-wide and regional training groups offer learning events and resources in specialized career fields, as well as new employee, supervisory, and leadership programs to meet the career development needs of NPS employees and partners. Training. Modernizing National Park Service Plant Records Management (2017-02) Digital plant record keeping Subjects: Grants , Historic Landscapes , Product Catalog , Reports They have presented keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops for a wide variety of RPA Conferences across the country. With the election upon us, one topic that is often discussed is climate change and its dramatic effects on communities all over the world. The fourth session is included for no additional cost and eligible for 0.034 CEU. She also worked for a substance abuse prevention coalition that served a diverse youth population. Discover new people to connect with on the CLP. Jai Cole has 15 years of experience in Park and Recreation and is currently the Natural Resources Manager for M-NCPPC, Montgomery County Department of Parks. This focus afforded him the opportunity to join NYC government at an agency that is vital to creating a more resilient and livable city for all New Yorkers. Cortni Grange is a father, creator, social entrepreneur and lover of all things Jerk Chicken. “Without equal” is the way clients describe the Eppley Institute’s training and workforce development services and products targeted to parks, recreation, and protected lands organizations. With this foundation, staff have planned, prioritized, budgeted, and communicated to leaders and constituents the ecological restoration and ongoing maintenance for a decade or more across entire park systems. Understand why employees seek positions outside their current agency. Mumford is an active member of NRPA and is passionate about getting youth and seniors active in recreation. Do you know how to navigate the culture of a multigenerational workforce in your workplace? This session will stimulate a conversation that identifies characteristics of high performers and also puts into action essential staff engagement tools to support the continued success of high performers within the workplace. online learning catalog. Read more It also will include case studies from local park and recreation agencies implementing different strategies in response to the substance use crisis. This session will discuss the summary report that was developed as a result of the Community of Practice and includes overarching themes and lessons learned, data collected from agencies across the country, and recommendations from leading public health organizations and the federal government. Matthews speaks regularly at NRPA Annual Conferences and instructed at the NRPA Green School. Groups you have subscribed to can be found in your My Groups list. Cornwell is the 2015 recipient of NRPA’s Robert W. Crawford Young Professional Award. Leadership is defined many different ways by many different people. We encourage you to participate and experience the activities in the same way your staff and volunteers will during your training sessions. This bundle is a collection of four, 2020 Virtual sessions with a focus on Leadership and Career Development. Rangers save lives, bandage wounds and provide comfort. Atuya Cornwell is an active member of NRPA and is passionate about connecting young professionals with professional development tools. RAC is one of the companies under the umbrella of W-T Engineering, one of the premier engineering firms in Illinois. Click on the course titles to view detailed descriptions of the courses. Chris Matthews is the division director for nature preserves and natural resources for Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation in North Carolina. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The National Park Service is reviewing a case in which a visitor was tased by a park ranger at Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico, officials said.Darrell House was stopped Sunday by the ranger for walking in a closed area off trail in violation of park regulations. Create a work plan for initiating a systemwide natural resource plan for their community. Just-In-Time learning resources like checklists, instructional articles, and how-to videos. Join this 2020 Virtual session where we take Covey's 7 Habits and apply them to current events/trends we are facing in the parks and recreation field. Cole has taught a Freshwater Ecosystems course in the USDA Graduate School for 4 years, taught 'Fundamental Ecological Principles' for the Maryland Master Naturalist program 3 times, has presented to Montgomery County watershed groups on various topics involving Natural Resource Management and stream health and I have presented over 30 times to the Montgomery County Planning Board. As the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, we provide resources for the national parks. Established through the U.S. View answers to Frequently Asked Questions, discuss your questions with colleagues in The Commons, or contact a site administrator. Please be prepared with 4 sheets of blank, white 8½-in. Sexual Harassment Response: Civility Training Program Announced. The Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy (PRLEA), formally the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP) was developed in 1977 to prepare the seasonal ranger to perform law enforcement in areas administered by the National Park Service. The fourth session is included for no additional cost and eligible for 0.034 CEU. Utilize a variety of activities to successfully convey their training messages with stronger impact while having fun. The National Park Service (NPS) is an agency of the federal government of the United States that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties with various title designations. : Tips for Communicating Effectively with Your Part-Time Workforce (0.1 CEU), Safe Spaces for High Performers: How to Create a Safe Space for Your Workforce (0.1 CEU), Make It Stick! This bundle is a collection of 2020 Virtual sessions with a focus on Leadership and Career Development. Fish and Wildlife Service, the center was created to advance the nation's knowledge of the nation's natural resources. Cole specializes in biological monitoring of streams, stream restoration, and the environmental review of projects being designed and built both internally and by external agencies on parkland. Identify where in training sessions they can insert activities to make training more effective. This statistics dashboard provides a real-time overview of user engagement, activity, and overall system health. Join this 2020 Virtual session for an interactive discussion that explores characteristics of high performers and identifies engagement tools that support the continued success of high performers within the workplace. Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge to NRPA, having both educational and professional experience in the public health field. McGovern is the President of Recreation Accessibility Consultants LLC (RAC), established in 2008. He is recognized nationally as the leading expert on the application of the ADA to public parks and recreation. Utilize evidence-based techniques in order to identify high performers within their departments/workgroup. 22377 Belmont Ridge Road • Ashburn, VA 20148-45016 Join this 2020 Virtual session for a deep dive on how to improve the quality of natural resources with a limited budget. Her main role is developing training in interpretation. 2004. When situations in the Park and Recreation world are thrown at us in the workplace environment it is vital to change not only ourselves but change our perceptions on how we handle the outcomes. Upon completion, the sessions included in this bundle are eligible for 0.2 CEU. RAC advises local parks and recreation agencies, cities, counties, states, and private entities regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act with regard to existing buildings and sites, new buildings and sites, and inclusive recreation support. His professional interests include habitat restoration, fisheries, stream restoration and protected species management. Video taken by House shows the ranger asking for his identification. Get a high-level view of everything happening across the CLP from new courses published, to new members who have joined, to new groups that have been created. paper, a pen or pencil, and a sticky note or small paper square. Lauren joined NRPA in January 2019 and works on various substance abuse prevention and education-related grants and projects. She has presented at the 2019 NRPA Annual Conference. National Park Service’s Learning and Development Group provides learning events and resources to 22,000 diverse professionals who are spread out across more than 400 parks and National Monuments. Identifying these characteristics will create an opportunity for managers and coworkers to put into action the concept of “checking on your strong friends.” High-performing staff members can be an asset to your team. Colorado Northwestern is currently one of six accredited academies in the nation that offers academy training approved by the National Park Service and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Climate Change Resource Center: PNW-GTR-789 online or order DVD; Geospatial Service and Technology Center - FREE geospatial training services for Forest Service units and staffs.Online and in classroom settings. FREE to USDA employees . by 11-in. In this entertaining and informative program, we will discuss how park and recreation professionals can effectively implement, lead, and navigate people through the uncertainties of organizational change or disruptions in their communities. WE GOT ENGAGED! The United States Congress created the agency on August 25, 1916 through the National Park Service Organic Act.. News about educational programs and resources. Cole reviews plans from concept through final design to ensure that environmental impacts are limited, the design is beneficial, the goals are feasible, and construction access routes and planned construction practices are minimal. Online Courses We know that today's park and recreation professionals want to reach their professional goals through education that fits their lifestyles, whether through classroom training, conference education events or fully online. AgLearn (USDA) - Skill Soft training. Identify practical steps to "futureproof" parks for long-term sustainability, recreational use, natural resource protection, and climate change mitigation. Park Foundations and Friends Groups - City Manager and Mayors Panel Discussion (0.1 CEU), COVID-19: What Do We Do Now With Our Concessions? (0.1 CEU), ‘Become The Agent of Change’: How Leaders Create Staff Excellence Through Inspirational Change (0.1 CEU), What Makes a GREAT Day at Work? What makes an excellent leader? As supervisors, we must juggle meetings, staff schedules, put fires out, adapting to the ever-changing requirements, compliance concerns all while meeting the community’s needs during an international pandemic. This discussion will give you a good idea of how climate change will be affecting parks and recreation departments, what jurisdictions around the country are doing to be more resilient, and how you describe these changes and their effects to elected officials and the public. The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental documents to help guide management of parks. Do you want to engage your staff and volunteers in training sessions? Drawing on projects in the Upper Midwest and Great Plains, we will present an approach to systemwide natural resource planning that: (1) sets realistic goals using inventory and assessment data, (2) identifies the finances needed to elevate ecological health and resilience, (3) identifies the shortfall in current capacity, (4) schedules annual expenditures that are achievable with current and potential funding, and (5) achieves related CAPRA standards. This bundle is a collection of four, 2020 Virtual sessions with a focus on Climate-Ready Parks. is a unique safety program designed specifically for National Park Service trail volunteers. There has been one constant: The requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are not overruled by any coronavirus restrictions adopted by a state, county or city. History, heritage, or culture of Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians are part of every national park and communities across the country today. In this session, we will take Covey's 7 Habits and apply them to current events/trends we are facing in the parks and recreation field. Find online and classroom learning opportunites here. The fourth session is included for no additional cost and eligible for 0.034 CEU. Resiliency is another term often used, but what is resiliency and why should you be thinking about it when developing/redeveloping parks? Her thesis examined the current opioid epidemic and potential approaches to address the nation-wide issue. Register for this 2020 virtual bundle to hear methods for increasing impact with staff during meetings and professional development activities. Online Training. He says that he has been fortunate to explore speaking and workshop facilitation to the tune of more than 10,000 lives impacted — from keynotes for National Philanthropy Day and Washington, D.C. Startup Week, to facilitating workshops with the Washington Redskins, Milwaukee Bucks, D.C. Public School system and We Work. in Powerhouse (0.1 CEU), Leadership — It’s a Choice...AND a Challenge: How Emotional Intelligence Plays a Significant Role in Leadership (0.1 CEU), ‘7 Habits’ to Achieve YOUR Parks and Rec ‘Super’ Status (0.1 CEU), Hiring to Reflect the Community You Serve: How to Overcome Employment Barriers (0.034 CEU). Understand how climate change is affecting communities and parklands. Demonstrate the difference between park-specific natural resource restoration & management plans versus systemwide plans. Keller uses her social media and programming superpowers daily as the program and marketing coordinator for Indian Trail Parks and Recreation. Cole supervises Natural Resources staff in Montgomery Parks who are tasked to manages the stewardship of 457 miles of streams, 26,000 acres of forest and more than 500 lakes, ponds and stormwater management facilities and devices in the 38,000 acre 5 time NRPA Gold Medal Award winning park system. Many leaders of today are struggling with how to direct change while benefiting from it. The National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978 requires “visitor carrying capacities for all areas” of each park unit, in order to protect both park resources and the visitor experience from the negative effects of overcrowding. The learning content is available for registration for one year from the date of origination. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and a Master of Science degree in applied ecology and conservation biology. Assigning Value to the Financial, Environmental and Social Benefits of Nature in Urban Greenspaces (0.1 CEU), There’s an Octopus in the Parking Garage?! An understanding of Search and Rescue is essential for all NPS staff. It’s in this role that he witnessed firsthand the dramatic increase in the level of public drug use and discarded syringes in South Bronx parks over the last few years. Cornwell has organized and participates in several professional development video blogs and written blogs. Navigate the culture of a multi-generational workforce through emotional intelligence. Emerging Leaders: Put the Pow! The National Park Foundation (NPF) is dedicated to ensuring more people are able to discover The CoP examined two main areas in response to substance use on park grounds: (1) prevention and (2) operations/facility management. National Park Service Safety and Occupational Health Curriculum. You are now leaving the Common Learning Portal website. This interactive lecture experience will mirror in delivery previously well-attended and received NRPA Annual Conference lectures facilitated by Cortni and Atuya, such as "What Is Your Awesome Sauce?!?!" Programs in Training for Seasonal Law Enforcement can be utilized as credits used toward the requirements for National Park Service education (post-secondary).

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