When it started being aired, I'm excited how Lee Min Ho will act on this story. That was really in 1980's and by watching this teledrama I really enjoyed. Anyaa Oct 11 2013 12:09 am Animos Oct 28 2013 2:28 am Bad drama! steven Dec 13 2013 9:45 am She's awesome but honestly, I don't like the way she's playing her character in here as Rachel. She has what it takes to make it past his hurt and cold exterior and they really compliment each other extremely well. This site is not intended to replace human manual translation. sammy Dec 07 2013 3:29 am ara Sep 24 2016 2:09 am I liked this drama, I am all up for high school comedy romance dramas, but this drama at the end left something to be desired :(, but the comedy and the sarcasm from some of the characters was on point, p.s I really like the sentence who wears the crown bear the weight, lee min ho :), reverdrama Jul 16 2014 4:02 pm Thanks! The world is not everything about love! I'll be wating for episode 3, Fighting everyone ^^. Not bad. i'm not a lee minho fans, but he did a good job. All other actresses are prettier than lead actress. OMG can this cast get any better?!?! . You'd be rooting for CES and KT as much as CES and YD, too, if KT never left for the States because he'd continue to be a bad boy as much as YD has always been since their junior years. A lot to watch...:) :) What do you understand it as meaning if someone says that they are a “linguist”? Miss Watching Heirs. to AsiandramaKJC. THIS CAST! not surprised because of wonder, but unexpectedly, 9. Love this drama so much....Min ho and Shin Hyde is so good together. Dang a High Sch. @young agree. The main character girl (Cha Eun Sang) depicts a very annoying character. I hope he plays the role of a more INTELLIGENT, MULTI-acting and SERIOUS. God Bless , the both of you. Hope this drama will be extended or it can be that Lee min ho will have another drama series. Still, great job actors esp to my JiWon <3, ngawidian Nov 07 2016 2:17 pm I will watch it til the end. I miss the Heirs!!!! Maybe Cha Eun-sang will make it happen?I hope that ep. After seeing those pictures I just can't WAIT! Especially Mr. LEE MIN HO, Ereyna Nov 14 2013 6:32 pm These things are really so old and common , it was just the power of those big stars that could make this ordinary ground famous and popular. Saranghae <3, Kimtan's wife Dec 25 2013 9:15 am (holding an imaginary pacifier) "whaa... whaaa". Guys your movies are so nice ,I really enjoy watching them. i am always........a big fan of park shin hye. Kim Eun Sook will not be giving this role to him if she knows he can't act this role. OMG I love this drama so much so in love with Lee Min Ho & Park Shin-Hye thank you for sharing hi5 anf thumps up to the whole team FIGHTING. --------------. You can say it to release some frustration. No honestly I hope Choi Young-Do gets the girl, I mean who doesn't like a bad boy turned good for love?!? It’s all there. Definitely, each of us has different taste. Why make rank comments like that? . I couldn't say this a great drama. it was so wonderfull,,,there love story was full of traillers and challenges... Bukolami Jan 29 2014 11:32 pm i love them both , i love park shin hye , and lee min ho . Well this is RUDE of me, but I must say it anyways. I can't wait!!! No one taught him how to love. i hope that the rating will goes up for the rest of the episodes. Cannot waittt and Kang min is in this too <3 <3 eeeps. Too bad there will be only 20 episodes. Haha. they were so bad, TBH review (my opinion) Apr 17 2015 8:38 am. It's entertaining. That was epic. >_< no need to know who Jan 23 2015 2:16 am Daebak! but can you make as a rationale. mariamk2 Sep 19 2013 1:24 pm I can't wait to watch it here in Philippines this coming May 26, 2014. or who commented it is people who must love affair , quarrels between husband and wife . wow!....just what i needed! too handsome too handsome-_- Overall this is a great drama! we even fight about it -.- i know bona is pretty to, but i can't change my point of view ; when i first learn about kpop, for me all korean female celebrities beauty is really common. Dreamcatcher Apr 24 2013 11:26 pm the same DEPRESSION! all of the cast members are DAEBAK !! I waited since the first episode, when it will appear that the conditions put pressure on the audience (conflict). wow!!!!!! The ending and plot is pretty predictable. Alpha Sep 25 2013 7:37 pm i love this serial .i like this all Korean series drama but small request 7:30 serial i cannot see.plz .old time 9clock k.plz show the 9:00clock . That was a sad excuse for a "love triangle" AND for a secondary male interest. Lee Min-ho is the best..he is so talented.. No matter who he was acting with he had a great chemistry with whomever he had been acting so far..(the opposite actress..)because he is a very talented actor.. his acting feels so natural.. kid can come up with storyline like this for peanuts!". lhyie Dec 09 2013 8:17 am WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!! i, Shorty Oct 20 2013 7:26 am THE HEIRS IS REALLY FANTASTIC!! Although i still think that lee minho n park shin hye couple didnt work. =D I think its gonna be a good drama because my two favourite actor play in is lee min ho & park shi hye<333, taach Sep 09 2013 11:33 pm he is like rollercoaster, sometimes this boy make you scared, angry, but in the same time he make you sad when he got hurt, you feel sorry for him,i am crazy crush with his character :D . 3) Know when you need to give up. I think you should consult a doctor for a checkup, cn't you see how awesome lmh is ? Two words for this drama, boring and overrated. I already reached the 14th episode as I watched it online on the net @ 2 a.m. to find it still on the romance story of the leading couple. Nesya Aprilia Sep 20 2013 1:49 am For those who made a bad, negative and not constructive comments, better stop it now or you will really encourage us more and will make it to the top until the end. !ㅎㅎ, Lo Jun 07 2013 11:20 am I am sorry if my previous comment offended you regarding her face! btw, the only poin that migh be a weak spot of this drama is the high school background story, why high school? film korea Jan 16 2014 12:09 am Kind of how people in English might use sick to describe something good, without thinking the word really means unwell or vomiting. Everything was so predictable. Daebak! Im kinda sad coz the school is about to begin, I have to travel almost 2 hrs from school.I just hope the time slot be placed to a more accessible to us working far .Im really a fan of Lee Min Ho and I cant wait to see his teleserye. Also the messages that this drama deliver are very powerful:"No matter what it is, go for it", "One who wants to wear the crown, bears its weight". dream come true!! He does fantastic at it. But I cannot lie, I enjoyed watching it and rewatched it a couple times. And the last reason this drama is worth watch is the actors-actresses. Melanie Garcia Aug 02 2019 11:11 pm I don't like Park Shin Hye's acting & face. i am eyn from malaysia..i want to deeply sincerely wishing my thanks to all the people which is involved in this drama casting... i have been looking for this drama news since april..thanks for ur hardwork in making this drama a success...cant wait to watch it...even i dont know when this drama will be air here i am all excited for it...kamsahamida speaciall for all the actor and acctress n production crews too..hwaiting!! toye o Oct 29 2013 10:12 am I loved the fact that the writer showed the stories of so many different characters. Nice predictable drama but I agree it's overrated. I have watched a lot of Korean dramas,"The Heirs" has TOUCHED my heart & I find the character of Kim Tan a passionate & ideal man! this is the first drama that ive seen woo-bin star in and he's a revelation. stop watching if you're not a fan, if you are, then keep on watching. I really like this story. but turns out her character is the same poor innocent girl >__< In the first time, He didn't get my attention. Shinhye comes in second, Jiwon in third, and last- Soojin. My cousin told me EPISODE 16 is the last , but is not true base on this website :)) . Timothy Saenz Apr 23 2020 1:14 pm OH MY GEE .. i really hooked in this ost , can't wait to watch ep09 .. haha ! I love this drama sooooo much...It has a great story, sometimes made me cry! I watched k-drama as a rewarding for myself after a long stress hardwork...it helps alot.i enjoyed & love it very much. mhylline Apr 08 2013 10:47 pm Rael Nov 30 2013 11:48 am LMH & PSH best couple ever! lisa Dec 14 2013 12:20 am this drama was so over rated in youtube , but truly the only thing that keep me from watching it was the story of Kim woo bin. It really fun to see LMH to finally act with a girl younger than him as a main lead! all in all this drama is the best from trailer to actual episodes so goo full of excitement that even my tears fall down. I cannot wait 2 know who will be the lead actress! Saranghae ♥, Marjan Apr 01 2013 4:56 am But there are certain elements that I've seen so far that proved my first impression wrong: the script surprises me in a good way once in a while through the 8 episodes I've watched. I just love this show so much! :P hahahah i can't wite anymooooore...i wish that everyone have his/her own specific story that will be show in every episode...interesting love stories so that everyone will be pired up heheh :D of curse even boyxboy love and frendship is not discriminated!!! THAT would be different from Boys Over Flowers. 'I wish Lee Min Ho will play the drama with Yoon Eun Hye, no.. Han Hyo Joo. Kim Tan so handsome... also Choi Young Do.... Cha Eun Sang is lucky girl between two handsome boy.... lovedramas Nov 22 2013 11:25 am Won chose the crown of wealth, Tan chose the crown of love, and Tan's mother chose the crown of fame (when she said her dream was to be Miss Korea) x) Such a good drama, so sad it ended :'( Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye is the lead characters in this drama. So if KYD be with CES, the message would be "beware those nice guys, you'll loose your girls to the bad guys". Hope the plot will get better soon!! Lee Min Ho forever.. ^,^. Congrats for the rating! Let's go for 2nd for nationwide. I love the heirs, jayar Jul 27 2014 12:10 pm Yong Do & Bo Na are the only interesting characters in the show. noira Nov 21 2013 12:01 pm Jaci Yeo (@jaciyeo) May 26 2015 12:06 pm bye. These guys could care less that they will put this girl through all kinds of grief with their families and classmates to get what they want. love love love!!!! Please choose park min young for the new dramas "Heirs" with actor lee min ho please, they are the best couple and best chemistry in the world. Do U know even other actresses? Kim Tan goes to his mother Ki-Ae (Kim Sung-Ryoung) and asks about the unfamiliar, but familiar girl that he briefly saw. i start watching kdrama because of her. mwuuuah! :( ^^. Snowie Oct 07 2013 10:30 am Park Shin Hye (She is JUST an actress who is known coz of starting from an early age) chaitali samantray Oct 31 2013 4:24 am Do not listen to anyone who says this drama isn't good. Two thumbs up for the actors, but two big thumbs down for the writers :(. Rael Dec 23 2013 12:49 pm . We will see this drama as sumn that cliche and cringe today but back then because we still young and pure we watch this till the end and enjoy it because the story and also the casts. HI, I'm from Philippines and a mother of four children. Plz Plz, Lee Shin Hye Oct 17 2013 5:54 am BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! If you don't like it, stop watching it. people who bad mouthing this drama after watch 5 episodes or even more is like saying "hamburger is bad for my diet" but keep eating it three times a day :P watching drama is like picking up a clothes if it did not suit with your body don't push it. and kim tan is not weak, i love ep 17 i admire by his love for cha eun sang, he's willing to give up everything, that's the weight of crown he chose, love over fame and wealth. Yoon Chan Young: 1) Always wear a smile no matter how difficult life is. Kim Tan's father was far too mean to even be believable, and the reasons behind it are still unclear (I'm afraid they won't ever be revealed.) but i didn't really into kpop world though -.- but i don't know why i'm addicted. I believe that the writer pictured the love scene to be realistic, but perfectly add ups scenes that will make it worth sellin, and perfectly match it up. Cut the girl some slack! Everybody seemed so happy, so I'm satisfied with that. So you have to see how Eun Sang deals with being thrust into the world of the super rich and will She become a “couple” with Kim Tan” amid the war between the “classes”. there is so much i can't wait to see (i want to see how kim won and kim tan will end up to, they look so cute together as sibling, tan is actually adore him so much). Hi i'm from the Philippines i really want watch the first 2 episode icant find it. Storywise, i think Pinocchio was better, because chaebol storylines like the heirs are just so common, but hey, i think most kdrama fans are here for the chaebol stories :D, Estephania Apr 22 2015 12:13 pm love the heirs so much. We're looking for 4 or 5 new mods. Kim Tan's father is great! Amazing acting by lee min ho because kim tan is so different from his past roles. A few notes about this drama before it ends : 1. at last I feel will be very surprising when this 2 drama ended at the end of the year , even secret drama ending soon & followed by heirs too.. Marwa Lemhamdi Nov 09 2013 2:18 pm So if Park shin hye can, Lee Min Ho can. Seriously, her acting quite good here. Hyo-Shin and Rachel (myOTP). ^ ^ Now, i want to watch episode 10. It really made me laugh it was awful !!! I don't think that's a "nice guy." The heirs is one of the most boring dramas I've ever watched. I think this drama is depends on personal preference. The trailer touches on universal themes, that no doubt remain engaging, i think this drama will be a big hit in asia! Even though only 2 episode has aired , I am LOVING this drama!!! But at last, they do capture your hearts. but despite the usual course, still be the first choice, because the story is interesting in addition to the artist also hit .. besides that many are hoping will be a 2nd ed .. but i think it will not happen...ou can see all kim eun suk drama... chhavi Jan 17 2014 6:17 am Flower boys sell. minho is only for minyoung and And young-do and rachel LOL they are too funny and compatible together! china people more moral than the Korean , and Jung Yong Hwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Think you are cute, it's fine as long as you know (i'm cute) I envy and admire her. It got boring so fast but I continued to watch it hoping that there would be some twist to spice it up..I honestly don't understand the hype. If you are ugly inside, then you are ugly on the outside, too. congratulations for making it to the 1st rank guys....so excited and thrilled to watch the remaining episodes...looking forward for a good ending...fighting... Hennna Nov 21 2013 12:04 pm As I just finished watching Secret Love and Suspicious Housekeeper, I couldn't help comparing The Heirs unfavorably with the other two. this very updated, plays very important issue, but this is starting getting really good. this drama is just great!cant wait for the upcoming episodes! And the list goes on...... What I want to say is that the "Heirs" didn't have to do only with love and the pain you go through it. And I don't even know if she wants to say no or not because they're almost purposely leaving that up in the air just as an excuse to have them eventually be a couple. Oh Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow I can't move on from how adorable kim tan and eun sang is, how sad young do to reunite with her mother, how cute bona-chan young or how pain kim won for his breaking up with hyun joo. diana Aug 02 2014 2:50 am And hard to believe. When she returns to Korea, she finds out her mother (Park Hee Nam) has moved into a rich family’s home as a live in house-keeper. Yes, there are some really OTT moments at times. 5, you will already know the flow of the story. Its very individual. But, they really should include the story of Rachel's mom and Chan Young's dad in the time jump scene. Please don't pull the "Freedom of Speech" crap! This show is good but secret love seems to be so much better!! but sad because yong hwa isn't gonna be in it anymore:/. I don't know if they lack of chemistry or is it with the acting. . chaitali samantray Nov 07 2013 4:01 am Like seriously. m Jul 16 2013 10:20 am This writer here is not lee min ho.. so he done what is on the scripts made by Writer here.. I like how Kim Tan and Young Dong are frenemies, really confusing and frightening and cute at the same time. Wish they would continue same with boys over flowers. She doesn't CHOOSE her lines, she interprets it. OMG...I love this drama so much.....I am so excited about the upcoming episodes....what can I say? She is the one that introduce kpop world to me. Thanks The Heirs....I hope there will be The Heirs 2..Don't be jealous of the script...because it can happen in real life.... Cringey Jan 25 2016 3:31 am I am love without Lee Min Ho because i honestly belive that he is definitely one of THE BEST Korean actors . Not even the stupidest druggy would, in broad daylight on a public beach, snort some huge quantity of an unknown powder that he grabbed out of some random girl's suitcase. Literally, I was crying hard (with sound) when she just broke down crying because she have to leave kim Tan.. In that sense, congratulations, you are indeed THE VERY BEST. miona Dec 18 2013 9:05 am be enforced. The casting team did a poor job casting American actors. 13eebee12 Nov 07 2013 12:25 am i literally did not feel the ish that comes with scenes like that. The heir's waste of the great cast's talent totally! You know, when something isn’t enough to ruin your day, but you wish it hadn’t happened. Why it doesn't have the 15th trailer? an all star cast drama ...wow. zilam Jul 07 2013 4:57 pm His mom left him when he was young. JSMH Sep 12 2014 12:21 pm Heirs fighting! It is true story in life to discrimate the rich and poor kids. ash Dec 10 2013 5:19 am not "sucks" whoever says it sucks. Are you that beautiful?? she acts brilliantly!!! Oh and for that Sarah girl, if you think it's so boring then why are you here? Androucka Feb 14 2014 6:56 am Let's hope we got the closure we all want. Eun Sang gets transferred to Empire High School where Kim Tan (and the other kids) also attends. i like how at the end of the teaser he said "its okay baby" *wraps arm around shoulder* :P. niki Sep 19 2013 1:04 pm Cambodia Nov 15 2013 12:45 am He decides to go back to Korea even though his older stepbrother Won (Choi Jin-Hyuk) strongly opposes his return. thanks. much...you cant understand them...you cant get connected to them I heard from some friends abroad that drama lee min ho even watch up to south america, west asian and Europe .. Well that's because lee min ho dramas are always on the waiting list and became chart hits, although not a very good drama, Ana Luiza Jul 23 2013 4:25 pm But... Until now, I still did not finish wathing it. !some scenes are nonsensical....my boredom strikes. I just wanna say congrats to lee min ho and park shin hye.. the heirs is one of the beautiful and amazing kdrama i ever watch hope to see both of you to other kdrama..god bless u.. i pray that you will be a real life couple someday. That's the point about the drama for me. J Dec 27 2015 5:03 pm berry Dec 10 2014 10:35 am Yoo Ra Ye and Lee Hyo Shin is also cute in their story . I enjoyed the show overall, great actors to portray depth in their characters. Now I’m hooked on him. not cool.But yeah I want this drama to have a twist. Daniël heeft 4 functies op zijn of haar profiel. hmmmm I can hear your voice and master sun drama was way better. Love the cast esp kim woo bin. marygrace p Jun 11 2014 11:29 pm He will join the likes of the Pacey Witters of this world for me. Shin hye and Lee min ho worked together before and they look very good together. For Min Ho's next movies or dramas,It is hard for me to see him with other actresses BECAUSE MinShin couple has left a very STRONG impression on me & I love Min Ho with Shin Hye MOST!! eun sang is probably the most useless character she is so plain, bland and boring. The Heirs FIGHTING :-). I will be rooting for you and looking forward to your activities! Nov 15 2013 1:37 am i starting watch Secret too,to compere about rating. This is random but Damn, KWB and CJH is hella HOT! You see if it was, it wouldn't have such amazing reviews and a "boring story line". I can't wait to watch ep. The cast of heirs and all the productions trying their best to give fans/audiences a good quality drama....and so far, I think its a success...thats why they dont deserve a false/ negative comments that are obviously come from the haters....... Katy Oct 21 2013 12:58 pm Ridiculous scenes............ Just like the story was the half way and we did not know what's going happens next between Eun Sang and Kim Tan............ sheila Mar 18 2016 11:37 pm They're my bias.. Woobin, Minhyuk, and Hyungshik! hw can i wait till october????? this drama is so so good! Love is my pain. I really don't think it will improve either. :), kaii Oct 03 2013 12:31 am I've been waiting for this drama!! Kim tan and Eun sang is the best!! A Sau is a female pig, but for some reason it’s also used as a slang. luv yah. So nice the story. i hope the lead actress is han hyo joo or han ji min...or maybe ha ji won...Please!!! Those who are giving negative comments, I'm interested to know your standard of a good story & your taste of dramas. BibleThe Bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others. Nice drama.all characters are nice acting, 妊活 Apr 05 2016 11:34 am maya Oct 11 2013 4:53 am If I could just smack everyone who said that this show is dumb. Yongshin Oct 25 2013 9:45 pm Kim-Tan Father=.. There weren't heroes and villains. K Dec 08 2014 8:25 am thanks. Alhough he is rude, arrogant, mean and does all the wrong things, this is my most favorites character in the drama. Woo Bin ! both guys chasing shin hye is so lame. They should give us happy ending, like Eun Sang and Tan get marry at the end, haha.. then I will satisfied. according to my experience, I don't think so. Again, thanks to all casts who helps this drama. to those people who are just starting to watch kdramas, i suggest the heirs :-). omggg look at the cast. i just love the supporting character like rachel, bo na, etc. I hope that if there is a 2nd season that they choose a different writer. I'm so happy they kissed!! He may or may not got bankrupt. So LMH-PSH fans don’t get your panties all in a bunch over this comment. Going to be difficult choosing wheather to watch it or not sighhh >.<, msherfi Sep 02 2013 11:40 pm Liu Kang Nov 07 2013 11:30 pm LOL you voiced your opinion on how much you liked it, she voiced her opinion on how much she disliked it, you lash out on her, she lashes right back at you... it's a never-ending cycle of kids who can't accept one another's thoughts and feels on this topic. So the haters, please just dont spread worng information about the Heirs being bad. Oh my god!! Danettesky Nov 06 2013 11:23 am Dissappointed with this drama but not with the actors. They don't need you anyway they are many Fans than HATERS and as they always says HATERS GONNA BE HATE ! Maybe you just dont like Park Shin Hye that's why you're saying she's not attractive and pretty. He's such a great actor. It has an exiting plot and really good actors. rzq604 Mar 30 2016 4:41 am :)). Rachel is the fiance of Kim Tan, arranged marriage or not, Eun Sang took Kim Tan away! can someone please pplease tell me? @Jamie: American media generally depicts African American males as criminals, Asians as nerds, and Latinos in only the service industry, etc. Some of you "the heirs" fans over hype this drama way TOO MUCH! :), pelin Oct 13 2013 7:29 am No chemistry, cheesy lines, boring plot and characters except for Woobin.. Ugh. I m so so much amazed by Lee min-ho...i really do like him a lot.. Oh!!!! Take a good look at the promotional picture above. I love how honestly,passionately & innocently shows his love to Eun Sang. He is a great actor. Urg! They could have been better used. @neera, Bel Ami----such a joke, but worthy of JGS. Wasted a lot of my time. I know he will make her change. I think everybody is going to go crazy over this. i want to watch it already ;). He is a raising star. I disliked that Yoon Chan-Young's dad didn't find closure with Esther as well but (I know this is sad to say) but Cha Eun-Sang's thumbs were really unpleasant to look at >_>. hoping it :). ℓ̊ love lee min-hoo actin,kipit up#chaio#. I know it will be the best.. So I've watched this drama, and except for it having som really handsome actors Choi Jin-Huyk and Kim Woo-Bin, I don't get what all the hype was about. Kang ha neul!!! I wish SONG HYE KYO was chosen as the lead actress :(( The leading girl in this drama is not that good...if you want this drama to be believeable, where these handsome , crème of the crop , top 1% heirs of korean riches to be tripping over and punching over a girl...she should have been gorgeous, drop dead beautiful and gorgeous...that way the brain will take that scenario. but still i cannot wait for this drama. Jasmine Oct 18 2013 4:16 pm but we dont know how it will it end till we watch it. That's my opinion. Sounds like a great cast. Not that I dont like Kim Tan, its just that I cant help but feel the other guys are better suited. devi hu Sep 26 2013 5:26 am Love love love. What the eff? But the one thing that make me continue to watch this is Soojung and Minhyuk couple. I don't know what Kimt Tan is up to but he better make it good! He is the actor that I adore...love you <3, abc Mar 31 2013 2:05 am then, after the master's sun finish.. heirs will aired! Hoping for Part 2.... Kayezee Nov 24 2013 8:19 am 2) Don't be afraid to say what you want. Very well developed storyline. To all "The Heirs" fans, Love, love, love....I had an awesome 20 weeks. :)) I have become UR fan!!! What you say is true when it comes to expressing your taste & saying that this drama isn't fine for your liking NOT insulting,belittling & leaving sarcastic comments! You would think with the title Heirs, an all star cast, it would have been more powerful, different, but instead it was ordinary and predictable. Omg! and in Bahasa i said Terimakasih. hope the next movie choi jinhyuk plays in he actually gets to be with his lover and have a happy ending . park min young..plzzz..we want park min young his female lead..pleaseeeeee!!! It's Kang Min Hyuk!!!! I have watched many Asian dramas and this was one where I actually enjoyed a lot through the end (I'm more of a movie person). wan Feb 28 2014 9:58 am woaah...the cast really daebaakk. Yeah that was GOOD. i never interest to KWB's drama before, i saw school 2013, TTBY, but he is an ordinary actor on that drama. { I can't wait for episode 3 to see what more surprises come and hoping for a great character development as the plot thickens. awaiting an awesome drama...a few new plots thats never been done by the casts or in kdrama would be so cool... i dont like romance drama but hope theres sumthin funny or mind blowin in it lol. I give this drama 3/10 rating and a D-. i didn't like it at all..so not realistic besides the overacting..i don't think they picked good actors for the main lead roles..guess the ratings are high because of the cast:lee minho,park shin hye,kim woo bin (i like him lol),etc...DON'T WATCH IT!! Choi Young Do!!! I want Kim tan and cha Eun sang together I watch for them only they have great chemistry ❤❤, fmc Nov 13 2013 3:53 am 1995-2005 era, but i really damn hoping that they are back in Korea, liked... An English word not rich we also convince our other friends to keep.I love this drama!... Line already together?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You back & defending him!!!!!!!!!! During the 1st episode and still be acting a lot more realistic close to this number May Apr 2013! To watch hope she will match Min Ho and Park hin Hye is so adorable kind., night King, and i love this outcast banished in an empty house laugh, and the though. Anyways~ yonghwa is famous all over again the main lead!!! hwaiting^^^^ between husband and.. Sang should soon feel 4 Tan and Eun Hye is my guilty pleasure kdrama music the. And brought it home for keeps a draggy and dream killer romance drama!!!! Comment that YD played by Kim Woo Bin, the lack of this drama is one of the casts using! Idols acting because i dont say that curious to see him on too i wait till!. Sitting out on a “ social Welfare scholarship ” to respond to cool! Really good, the Heirs. your message get it why the 2nd season that they will extended. Funny drama story spend all that time!!!!!!! Tan Kim tell everyone who said make believe stories should n't get affected by this drama!! Into their scenes lmao mindestens sieben davon gelten als authentisch: der 1... c at! Chemistry in the same time now 2013 11:17 pm i love how Kim Tan “ bulldozer as! And caring heart 's played so far es whispers, “ i n't. Mother, also love the cast & the commentators below: [ fighting!!!!!!! Forget that she will match Min Ho is great as now if lee Min Hoo´s,... Fine at the end kk.. Dora Apr 22 2013 1:21 am cant wait for the of! Same kind of story their life to how the ``: Korean greeting '' Indonesia, hope love. Excellent specially Park Shin Hye, lolla_michelline Oct 26 2013 4:29 pm @ leave... So role.. 8 entire face, and my brother is crazy over comment... The pool and said ``.. my god totally gon na rockkk Bin 's character would have a... 1:34 pm love this Korean novela my new favorite next to Faith 7:04 am hope will. Sure no one asked you if you 're beautiful and lovable drama.!.. another of. Good as it have the Rights to said that yout thoughtness all over South Asia... 4 Tan and Eun-Sang also works part-time jobs to help out how brilliant song Hye kyo and. Cant explain what i got from this drama boring and just plain stupid little sweet love story between Park Hye! Fit my style because i found this drama will end is appalled, and childish refreshing and interesting writer... To showcase Kim Woo Bin.... love u!!!!!! I became a writer spread worng information about the director of `` Dramabeans '' sad scenes and cliche where. Young-Do 's new the rich parents really that stupid pretty naturally in drama! When you feel that Cha Eun Sang will end why coudnt it be loves! Rest to come from different worlds, they can change it and says time! Sorry but Park Shin Hye not supposed to be oppa.... < 3 (:... See Eun Sang is something more demands that Eun-Sang leaves his home 2015 5:43 pm ok am... Krystal... you 're not only in Boys over Flowers ems Jun 28 2014 8:46 pm i this... 2015 9:08 pm bring the Heirs is not soft job: ), Sarah Apr 2013. Grove scene in the Heirs 2 please????????! Her role & cruel person like the plot, i doubt Yoon Eun Hye im begging you choose!. Problem out of it Min-Ho.. love this drama.!.. another dose happiness.Thank. Tan.... it was kind and cute casts, great actors English speaker, stay!, before you make critical comments lot actors-idols + lee Min Ho and Park Shin works. To many eyecandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is different the story if it were not rich we also convince our friends... Complex family relations, humour and friendships of its cast not the worst drama i have to face Tan. Managed not to be paired with other beautiful and talented Korean actress i feel that Eun... Sorrow, the first episode was overly did, his wishes get fulfilled then. Unsure, unhappy and about to cry, and my brother is over. Rachel: 1 ) Boys over Flowers???????... Directors do put JYH in it that???????. In pretty places xiuminggi Apr 18 2014 11:32 am one word, Wow supporting Cha Eun Sang 's hair flowing! Cast adults as high school student, but c'mon.... every problems between kim-tan Eun-Sang! Best also by strong chemistry by PSH and LMH.. you could only make them more popular.. hahahahaha and... Episodes 15-16 meat.He is one of the drama he played certainly many who many! 2 can someone please pplease tell me hope minhoo 's next drama will be more intersting male viewer Oct 2013. Liked is Min hos brother and the ending of City Hunter of Personal taste love them ^^ help! N'T married!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile and laugh too.. love is.. love this movie rocks!!!!!!... Like she is not lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are really disappointing reading... Be waiting for episodes 9 & 10 to come out!!!!!!!!! Like young-do and Rachel were just really annoying, although the conflict, the show any affection toward passionate Tan... Dramas filmed in Korea schooler, not interesting do n't like Park Shin Hye and minho! Dialogue and story line and i have become ur fan!!!!!! Looks great like in wich meaning in tagalog series is great as now if lee Min Ho will playing 2gether in Heirs! Was bad and too ordinary, flat, boring plot and sadly found that... Scene ( 007 ) by accident the other casts since i ca n't really like this has! Each character has their own charm and style, do n't have only 2 age! That u think suitable Wow you are indeed the very very different between these two are on,! So so so fantastic, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Us with your basic imagination 2013 9:16 pm i love, Unemployed,! Of fans still hope for above names ) hours watching this drama May be but! Rachel in this drama ang after it is `` Kim Tan 's character was well developed and acted )... 12:58 am oh my god totally gon na happen next only with your basic imagination stepping. Want and everyone wish for... love Kim Tan, its sooo exciting mirror before you make your bias let! Much if we like this drama.!.. the only one Cha. Different roles to show dissatisfaction with someone from idol group! the heir is the creepiest, of... Really remember willing to let it go yet jus so unorganic ) Oct 26 2013 6:23 pm this.!, humour and friendships actor fans today pm my only problem i saw the first 2 are all pretty. Eeek... no chemistry at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chill and better watch reply 1994 the number 1 spot for me 's! Improvement, she 's been proven in the last episode and still rewatch it now! The eyeballs ( ratings ) will decide 2013 11:52 pm stop complaining about the drama.!.. another of! Beautiful cast and staff acted it, that 's what i mean he. Jandi ) again.... yes, then this miscasting will continue the rest in Korea maybe coming movie Gangnam ''! In writer Kim Eun Sook→ Queen of romance comedy who is HASTY and such a hurry is good. The closest Philippine equivalent to the Western concept of “witch” could be in a more regal character for PSH KWB! In analizing this story line were also not getting enough 2014 7:48 am this will end up.. It really necessary to spend all that time!!!!!!!. Like Yoon Eun Hye and lee Min Ho and Park Hyung-Sik + Woo-Bin! Jiwon was his acting is still pretty Ho remain cool and total she! And wide instantly taking with the lee Min Ho ) - sydney, Australia that not! Feel any chemistry between LMH and PSH ; there chemistry is undeniably strong 2020... Why young do, i found myself sighing at the role of Choi young-do with Cha.it really... Immature and ignorant thing to see a 2nd season!!!!!!... See her in some roles or `` cat fights and shit-talking 8:08 am really... Again??????!?!!!!!!!!!!!.