For circular saw blades some say to use a tooth count of about 40 (to avoid heat build up) while others say to use a 140 tooth blade (to ensure a clean cut). A small ding or dent can be removed with a heat gun. Painting the board a dark color makes it more susceptible to excessive expansion and potential buckling on the wall if it is a long run of trim (i.e. When using an adhesive apply it to only one of the edges you plan to bond not both of them. Moving down from the corner board I’m trying to decide between installing a starter skirt board or a water table molding on top of 5/4 trim. Can I use a double sided tape as she does not want to paint or see nail holes? Bond PVC trim joints to prevent separation. We have a 10′ x 30′ covered porch alongside our garage, with rafters spaced 24″ apart. What is the best way for corners as I don’t plan on 45ing them. On the Minnesota/Canada border with +95 summers, -40 winters, and far colder (strong) windchills. Resealable cap keeps product fresh. How many screws per board (vertically). It bonds better to the stucco. Our carpenter thinks so, but I’m concerned about the expansion. It works well with both treated and untreated posts. Most bathrooms are created from ceramic tile, stone, etc. What are your recommendations for dealing with expansion and contraction? The southeast including Florida has been slower to convert. Is there a particular type of caulk that I should use if I don’t intend painting? The type of corner you fabricate is left to the carpenter/contractor. Your advice of the best choice under these conditions would be much appreciated!!! I don’t think you’ll exceed the maximum allowable value but just to be safe I’d ask my code official. You can buy edge banding any width, any color and in a PVC substrate. I love the PVC board, but the stucco guys left a 1/2 gap between my recessed vinyl window frames and their stucco, so they used backer rod and NP1 caulk to fill it. Use nails at top and bottom. Your reply was very helpful in giving me a path forward. temperature. Hi John, If I were installing the ceiling planks, I’d hold them about 1/8″ back from the entire perimeter and use a bed moulding around the perimeter to dress up the project. 2. 1. Good luck. John. Also, it’s versatile enough to guarantee fantastic results on different materials, including non-porous surfaces like vinyl, ceramic, glass, and plastic. Sorry for not responding sooner. 3) What are the recommended fasteners for Versatex’s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks? Although many builders and remodelers feel all PVC trimboards are the same that’s not the case. Apply the liquid nails to fill the gap. If my assumption is correct, here is how I would prepare the PVC trim piece for painting. Wolfpac Technologies, Inc. There have been times where a question has stumped me or I’m not 100% sure my response is the right answer. The first cleaner I’d try is soft scrub with bleach or any cleaner with bleach. The stall is 42 x 42. Position panels so that edges meet at stud center. So in summary, you can use cellular PVC trim in Florida without any concerns or issues. (See attached photos.). My plan calls for 1x4x8s for the corners. LRV is measured based on color and its ability to absorb heat. I already put up this PVC product as casing, and i did not realize that you cannot paint it a dark color. There product is formulated to be UV resistant. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Whether you believe it or not, cellular PVC does not off gas for all of the reasons I’ve identified above. As for home improvements, I’ll leave that to the experts. and max. It can also be painted if necessary. Thank you. The Liquid Nails Ultra Duty Poly is MUCH more sticky and adhesive. Although I’ve heard both good and bad results using Bondo as a filler with cellular PVC. I have found that “Spray Nine” works great for cleaning PVC. I’ve had great results with it. One product that acts as both a sealant and an adhesive while providing unmatched flexibility is NPC Solar Seal 900. I have not found pics of Versatex or other manufacturers water table corner details. I need a glue with a long working time to get the pieces back together. The only concern I have and the one you need to consider is the surface durability of the Versatex WP-4. This product is certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material. Pocket screws, dowels, and screwing thru sides all work well with Cellular PVC. Alan: Lacquers are not recommended with PVC trim because lacquers are a more brittle coating, and will not flex with any movement in the PVC trim. The core is nothing more than an impervious honeycomb. Resealable cap keeps product fresh. Here’s one more pic. This trim board would be very difficult to replace. Light color won't show through surrounds. Just a word of caution. Should I be concerned over this? Will that be structurally sound enough to support the weight ? Whether you’re using PVC or wood or anything, butt joints don’t look that great. ... Just like PVC, plastic benefits from a solvent to dissolve a layer and expose the cellular structure. The product has outstanding resistance to heat, cold, and weathering, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. ), Mr. Clean Magic Erasers® with a little water, or Corte Clean, a composite deck cleaner that has been found to clean cellular PVC trim. I’ve been producing cellular PVC for over 13 years. No matter what you use as a base sealant, you still need to mechanically fasten cellular PVC to the frame of the wall. Hi John, I am working with pvc for the first time. I think Todd is right! In fact I’m not sure what I’d use to hold cellular PVC trim to a sheet rock wall. I am installing new window sills and attaching with screws or nails but prefer to paint in oil; same as windows. I couldn’t find Weld-on 705 locally so I used another pvc cement. We recommend Liquid Nails Sub Floor or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction adhesive. As to your question, yes 3/8″ sheet can be milled on a CNC router. Assuming this is true they are MS Silicones that cure from the humidity in the air. I used Veratex T&G boards for siding a gazebo and other misc. Thanks, Headcote and Simpson stainless steel screws, Get free shipping on qualified Plastic Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department. Other than replacing all of the exterior trim with another product, is there a something new on the market available that can be applied to the joints that will not crack and pull apart during cold weather months? You’ll find it at any local lumber dealer location. Silicone should hold tight — and– some day be removeable, without tearing into the wall as a glue will, and it likely will come off the wall in one piece, to allow use of the trim board again someday (once the back side is cleaned up and flat again). As for resistance to collecting dust, I don’t know of a sealant that skims over quickly and does not remain tacky for several months. Our house exterior is now a mess of failed joints. I know at times I’m a bit tardy on my answers and I apologize for not responding in a more timely fashion. Another one to consider is the new Quad Max by OSI with is not solvent based and works as well as if not better than polyurethanes. I plan on using some type of flashing on the interior corners of the walls prior to putting the PVC sheet on just in case the caulk would ever become compromised. Good luck with your project. I see that you recommend a few solvent based caulk options. Secondly, 3/8″ sheet is very flexible and should be fastened 12″ on center in both directions and glued to a solid wooden substrate using a preferred adhesive like Liquid Nails Sub-floor or Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive or PL Premium Urethane Adhesive. The concern here is bowing of the sheet between fasteners when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. I too made my corners by grooving with a router. Good evening Brian: Don’t put it in direct contact with the Versatex trim. Hi’ I nail gunned PVC to the painted wood surface of the window frames of a 100 year old house, I did not glue them to the surface, only nailed them. As for paint I’d look at Aqua Sur Tech (Canadian with US representation), Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Select paint system or Sherwin William’s Vinyl Safe paint. steve. Hi John I’d enjoy seeing a sample of your artistry on PVC sheet when finished. The matte side isn’t as concealed but it is a good solution to an issue. Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is VOC-compliant, low solvent and high strength. Drywall: Apply ¼" zigzag bead to each stud. They don’t need to be too secure just looking to finish up under the porch. Painting is required. Why it has turned grey after only 24 hours of outdoor exposure is a mystery to me. LIQUID NAILS ® Tub Surround & Shower Wall Adhesive (LN-915) provides an exceptional waterproof bond under extreme conditions and won't harm most tub surrounds and shower walls. Is it vital to put caulk/sealant/adhesive between the sill and sill nose? I also wanted to let you know that Versatex produces a true 1 1/2″ board and sheet. I am not sure if the steam would be hot enough. Where the inner edge of the PVC trim meets the wooden window frame Lastly what is the preferred method and product to seal any seams? Good luck with your project. Typical PVC building products that suffer UV damage will turn yellow (mild degradation), orange (serious degradation) or brown(total degradation). Is this an advantage of painting, that its easier to keep clean? They are both paintable within one hour of application. We have specific cases where this system survived hurricane Sandy without the trim pulling away from the home or becoming lose from the hurricanes negative wind pressure. FastenMaster sells the screws and plugs as a system with a bit that countersinks the screw to just the right depth to accept the tapered Versatex PVC plug. I am planning to use PVC to replace a rotted window sill and window trim. PVC is non load bearing. What do you recommend for a paintable caulking for the pvc ! It has been unbelievably helpful in so many ways!!! Do you think we could use firring strips running the 30′ length for nailers that are 12″ apart to reduce the weight and apply the Liquid Nails to the firring strips? Liquid Nails, a product of PPG Arch Coatings 400 Bertha Lamme Drive, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 P. (800) 634-0015 F. (440) 297-7366 ... PVC Nail Eraser, PVC Nail Sticks Fills nail holes and dents in VERSATEX. Im too impatient to wait for curing. A primer is only needed if you want the paint manufacturer’s warranty. However, how do you plan to apply enough pressure to the PVC trim to get an adequate bond? -jimc. Any suggestions? Have a nice weekend. My PVC deck is sealed with GE Silicone I to the house stucco and I suspect the bond to the PVC will not be durable. Now on to your questions. LIQUID NAILS® Tub Surround & Shower Wall Adhesive (LN-915) provides an exceptional waterproof bond under extreme conditions and won't harm most tub surrounds and shower walls. I am having all of the existing exterior wood trim on my home replaced with Versatex Trimboard and want the material on the front entry arch to match (e.g., color, weathering, etc.) If you’d like some further help in designing your shutters you might want to contact Ted Hagemeyer of Finyl Sales in Ocala, Florida. I’ve constructed frames out of PVC trim 5-1/2 x 15/16 and they came out quite well and while flexible they are quite stable. 12 gage nail 8d with 7d head or 7d screw). Based upon what you’ve told me I’m assuming the trim is installed. It is lightweight, very smooth, and straight! As for installation guidelines I’ve been told PVC trimboards need to be secured with Tapcon fasteners in a exterior stucco wall application. I designed an outdoor living area 32’ x 32’. If this doesn’t work try a solvent like acetone. Good luck with your project. Sir, Hi Sandy, Great information thank you. However, keep in mind different cellular PVC’s have different gloss levels on their sheet surfaces some higher than others. I am building shutters in the Bahamas. My question is, what kind of caulk should I use to seal the trim to the structure? Saw into the surface for a cleaner edge. I am preparing to trim a new shed with Veranda from HD. As John said to me years ago: “In order for cellular PVC to off gas it must contain Phthalates. This product is certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material. Is there something that we can perhaps trowel over the surface and then sand smooth before paint, or between paint and primer? I just ordered some to redo my exterior door frame and am anxious to find out not only how the miters turned out but how you liked the results. We have had cases where contractors believed that the paint they used was a light beige, only to find out it had an LRV in the 20s or 30s. Is this possible using a C.N.C. 3) What are the recommended fasteners for Versatex’s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks? This is a question better suited for Gary Katz or one of his fellow contractors. Good luck with your project. When the cells are cut via a router, saw, drill, CNC, moulder, etc. There are many more that bond well to PVC trim. I’m still waiting on awning window units to go in the bottom. When you cut, rout, mould or mill cellular PVC, you break open a layer of these cells but you do not affect the integrity of the entire cell structure of the cellular PVC board or sheet. Adhesives like Liquid Nails Sub-Floor and Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive skin over in a relatively short period and do not bleed. If you plan on painting the trim, use any vinyl spackling. Thank you for any input…. Thanks for the advice. I’m guessing the slow or laminating grades may be best. Good luck! I advised him to get it moved asap. Got all rotten but I replaced it an put a shower PVC liner under neath then the pvc board on top to avoid moist an humidity doing more damage. It is a two part epoxy that cures to a hardness equivalent to an acrylic sheet. Thanks. Should we miter and assemble on floor before installing ?. they give off carbon monoxide, nothing else. I posted entry #133 in the middle of June and am still waiting for informed guidance on bending a 1/2″ Versatex PVC sheet to conform to the arch over the entryway to my house. However, OEM’s and contractors have made doors, cabinetry, pergolas and other building elements with cellular PVC. STRONGSVILLE, OH, September 19, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/-- Occasionally there is a need to separate two objects bonded with LIQUID NAILS Adhesive, such as two boards, two bricks, or in some cases, two fingers. The very best solution for filling nail holes is the Cortex screw and plug. Where you have an expansion joint, leave a full 3/16-in. Slow Cure should not be used at temperatures below 40°F. … Also I am designing a pergola and am considering using the INTEX products and again what are the effects here in the south for these products? John, Before finding this site I wrapped an existing structure made of cedar with pvc. Since PVC is comprised of 50% chlorine, I would start with any product containing bleach like soft scrub with bleach, Clorox clean-up or straight Clorox. Available in white only. We don’t plan to paint. Finally, if you decided too use 1 1/2″ thick Versatex cellular PVC, the ultimate compressive strength is 600 psi. Hi I would like to use a single product, if possible. The tub lip buts up against wood. It works where a hammer and nails can't. Ted’s company designs and builds shutters, pergolas, column wraps and other outdoor components from cellular PVC in the state of Florida. Also features a durable plastic tube for outdoor storage all year round. Yes Versatex can be bent to accommodate a circular patio. I’ve made some corners before myself. Liquid nails, though, is designated to adhere porous-to-porous, if this is the case where you need structural integrity. Keep in mind solvents will take away some of the gloss or sheen from the face of the boards. Thanks John. By the way, I love the idea of the “T” molding to save the cuts–never would have thought of that one! What is happening here (i am assuming some UV damage) and what is the best way to treat the pieces I have put on that are too difficult now to remove. Can you use spray foam to seal around AZEK which is connected to brick? We are installing trim around our windows with the brick mold that has the J-Channel attached. I don’t believe their sealant requires painting. What type of paint do you recommend for coating PVC trim? Millwork shops and fabricators across the US have made one piece shutters and painted them dark colors with much success. However, as the temperature goes down the gaps increase. Cellular PVC does have compressive strength. Debbie: Dale. I know you are selling this product but would it really kill your sales to just say that the outgassing is potentially s health hazard? Thanks. Check with the manufacturer on the length of their warranty and availability in your area. Buy 12, Save 10%. Thus, the boards only move along the length not the width. Would it be possible to use WP4 for this level of water and humidity? $17.67 $ 17. Finally, how the trim performs on the wall will depend on the temperature of the trim when it was installed, what direction the trim faces (N, S, E, W), and the length of the trim run. (Hopefully that was clear). Trust me, if there was any dangerous off gassing–or anything else related to Versatex that endangered people–he wouldn’t be manufacturing it. It has very good field performance characteristics but like NPC, you may find it a little more difficult to work with than non solvent sealants. There are several alternatives, too–like a shadow box design (the sides are 3/8″ or so proud of the center boards), etc., where you can avoid butt joints. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 18. Hi John, I wish I had this last year … wondering if my previous PVC project will hold up, as I didn’t use any glue. The sun will heat this thin sheet and those areas not properly secured to the plywood frame will bow towards the sun. I’ll do the best I can under the circumstances. You want to be sure not to get any on the faces of your work. 2. I’m very grateful for your quick reply and great advice. I intend on pulling the joint together with pocket screws, but it will take two of us working quickly up to a half hour (estimated) to join the fractured pieces. Some PVC trim manufacturers offer a pre cut “T” moulding . How does one cleanup the excess caulk (OSI Quad max, in particular) from all sides of the PVC? Liquid Nails LN700 … 1) Although you may get away with wedging the PVC sill between the trim jambs, I would prefer you use a couple of screws mechanically fastening the sill to the house. 7. The fourth corner was then rounded over with a 1/8″ roundover bit. You’ll find this at just about any local lumber dealer. If you’re looking for one that reduces the need for painting consider either Cortex by Fasten Master or Starborn’s Pro-Plug System for cellular PVC. Other options New It will be less expensive than the screw and plug but more than the nail. 2) When using construction adhesives to bond beaded ceiling to ceiling joist, is there any chance of oils bleeding through and staining the pvc? I have read articles telling me the best approach for creating the corners is to rip a 45 degree angle lengthwise on both trim boards and glue them together, using tape to hold together the two pieces until the cement hardens. I used to use a white Minwax nail hole filler but it never matched so that didn’t last. I did a project this past summer on my home where the trim run was roughly 33’long. 1) The fewer teeth per inch the better the cut. Again, assuming your application is for exterior use, thin sheets need to be bonded to the plywood frame and fastened 12″ on center in both directions. Remember to apply any adhesive to only one bonding surface, thus allowing the adhesive to penetrate into the cells on the other trim piece. Do you have any input of what i can or need to do?! What adhesive should be used to bond the pvc to the walls? I use PVC trim extensively in the new England region and love the products…I have a home in south Florida and would like to replace the wood trim with PVC and have not seen much of the product here. If possible send me a couple of photos when you’re done with the project. You seem enamored of Solar Seal 900. Painters tape or some cover isnt a bad idea. Would like to use PVC molding if at all possible due to the non-dry rot capability. Here are the areas that may require caulk/sealant/adhesive: Bonded well to both tile, wood, and laminate flooring. Slow and Fast Cure for field joints and small glue-ups, and Laminating Grade for sheet glue-ups. I would first test different cleaning products. My typical questions are maximum length of trim run, direction trim faces, temperature at which trim was installed, min and max exposure temperatures where the trim was installed, paint color, LRV if available, and fastener being used. The PPG Logo is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. LiquidNails is a registered trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. Legal Notices & Privacy Policies | PPG Terms of Use | PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy | CA Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure. For the next window I’ll need to find a truer S4S trim board. I have not worked much with pvc before and am anxious to do it right. The next best are polyurethane sealants. It should remain somewhat pliant. Don’t assume the paint is a light color. However, you’ll never seal the edges 100% using this technique. Light color won't show through surrounds. Liquid Nails - 414607 LN-907 Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (LN-907) 10 oz. For example, using paint with an LRV below 55 units will void our product warranty. OEM’s have embraced the use of cellular PVC for outdoor cabinets and kitchens. Thanks! We have thought about cutting out the cracked section, maybe 6″ on each side, and replacing that section with a shipped laped patch. Typically 24 hours before painting. So don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t look the way you want it to on the first try. I want to build some 48″ radius curved surfaces made of 1/2″ or 3/8″ cellular PVC sheets. I hope I have answered your question and thank you for the info on cleaning Versatex trim. It was awesome. We’ve used Weld-On 705 PVC pipe adhesive for 13 years now to fabricate our one piece corners and have never had a claim or return on even one of them. I was thinking simple 1×8 except it also has sloped window sills (so I will have to cut the brick, I think) …. I believe one of them will clean the edging. My apologies. I have never heard of SureSill window flashing. Unfortunately I just bought this house a year ago, and contractor who made that patio flushed the pavers and soil to the wood. Is the sash fixed in the frame or is it operable (single hung, double hung, casement)? I am a builder and my supplier only sells your product and I have used for many years. Is there a special type of calk I should use? Thanks. A very good article, I just wish I had found it a few days earlier as I also didn’t think to glue my ends together. What can I do to get the caulk off these edges and make it look as good as the face? These thin cellular PVC products are typically used by millwork shops and in the sign and graphics industry. Press subflooring into place and nail or screw every six inches around panel perimeter and every 12" into joists in field of the panel. If you need to curve it across the width of the board, or the hard way, you’ll need to heat it to roughly 300F, hold it at that temperature for 20 minutes until the trimboard is as flexible as a cooked spaghetti noodle and then bend it around your form. Another option if your not willing to use screws and plugs is just a white headed trim screw. Google NPC Sealant for their contact information. I’ll make the trip and look at the Versatex product. Regarding the filling of smaller nail holes say from a finish nail or trim screw , I use a white crayola crayon warmed to have it soft to push into the holes and then rubbing it clean with a towel or finger nail works just as well depending on the amount you apply. The window is a standard size of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal expansion is probably not an issue. Good luck with your project. Questions: Liquid Nails Small Projects and Repairs Adhesive (LN-700) is a fast-bonding, permanent, waterproof adhesive formulated for most common materials. It is especially designed for the professional and do-it-yourselfer to provide excellent adhesion and extra-strength for more demanding projects. LIQUID NAILS Small Projects and Repairs Adhesive (LN-700) is a fast-bonding, permanent, waterproof adhesive formulated for most common materials. Mineral turps penetrates in this way at approximately 1 mm per hour. Thanks again. By the way, I’m so impressed with the time John Pace has taken to respond to all of the above questions that I would definitely recommend the Versatex products to friends and family. TRUE CRAFTSMEN DEMAND LIQUID NAILS ® CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE Made for pros who know their stuff, work hard and take pride in what they do. The reasons the other caulks fell out is most likely because they were not solvent based. Apply the panel to the wall, making sure the base trim piece has the pregrooved end up. If you’d like to use plastic biscuits, Versatex produces it own #20 biscuit. Perhaps I should just apply white paint over it (kinda defeats part of the purpose of white PVC trim)? What sealant would you recommend for this type of joint? Thanks. What I don’t like about Liquid Nails is that it is not easy clean up. Does pvc have compressive ability? Keep in mind urethane sealants are activated by moisture. I’ve used a polyurethane sealant (ie Vulkem) to seal PVC Trim on exterior projects in the past, seems to be holding up well, & wondered if it would work here? If not I’d add a few more fasteners to the trim. I used a plastic putty to fill my screw holes and then sanded flush, hoping that seals properly. Regards, 4. • You’re not spanning more than 2 or 3 feet without proper reinforcement my wife wants the house done. Thanks for the professionalism. So to answer your question no water will not penetrate cellular PVC because the cells are not openned throughout the thickness just the surface cells that you cut are open. provide a rounded-over edge on the top side, say 3/8″ rad.? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Hope you find this information of help with your Versatex fabrication projects. For better holding strength, use nails (see General). Check to see if trim pieces are correctly aligned and level. Step 2 Determine which product is best for the type of project and materials you wish to use it on. I hope I have made it crystal clear that “cellular PVC is not a health hazard and does not off gas, a phenomenon commonly found in plastics containing Phthalates. In my opinion a long run is 3 or more boards. Hi there In my travels, there are three products I’ve seen used to fill in the surface of milled or moulded cellular PVC. What are the lengths of the boards and what type or nail or screw was used to install the PVC trimboards? Thanks! Are there any suppliers of white painted nails that can be used with a nail gun? John Pace, the president and CEO of Versatex, a man I’ve known for many years, puts his heart and 150% of his effort into educating people about the material he manufactures. Press drywall into place. Short of removing the entire fascia, is there a fix?