They turn brown towards mid October. Aahvan adventure state that May-june is best for green meadows and clearer views whereas your opinion is autumn. The trek is a short one, around 200 feet and trekkers must visit there unless the weather conditions do not permit. After reaching Dewal you can take a shared taxi to Lohajung which going to charge you between 150/- to 200/- depending upon the filling capacity of the cab. If someone come across that situation and feels breathing problem and any other problem related to low quantity or low level of oxygen. You get to see a whole range of peaks of the Garhwal mountains for a major part of the trail. Effectively your goal will be to reach 15 – 30 push-ups daily. The trek is filled with deep virgin forests, breathtaking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, snow and ice and the taste of great adventure as you climb from 8000 feet to 16, 000 feet in seven days to nine days. Over 20,000 people trek with Indiahikes each year and vouch for our unmatched safety standards. List of unsolved deaths; References. For lunch and dinner, we have separate dining tents you to enjoy your meals with the other trekkers. There are two ways to reach Lohajung: Either via Ranikhet Express or Sampark Kranti Express arriving at Kathgodam railway station. Although nights are quiet chill and cold with a temperature of 0-7°C. The beautiful campsites of Roopkund trek are a sight to behold. However the company has provides weather tents to meet the weather challenges. The breathtaking view of the twin meadows These challenges help inculcate in us, life skills needed to survive through tough situations. However, the skies are usually clear and meadows golden. The summer seasons is favored by many as they are less cold but windy. Hi Utkarsh,     Estimation time of completion: 1- 1.5 hrs. It also dehydrates your body fully which is not ok in the high altitudes. There are two seasons for doing Roopkund Trek . If you fancy an adventure, then summer is the best time to go. We have arrived at Gharoli Patel and will be camping here. We didn’t run it until last year in November, but once we did organise it last year, we saw what a gorgeous trek it is in November! What will happen if a trek is extended? Hence IndiaHikes (IH team has been very supportive and helpful during our solo Hampta pass trek). You will need to make it 5 – 10 push-ups a day. is it september or october ? any time between “August to december” is fine. So this time, we are looking forward to trek in Snow. Find what is Roopkund lake famous for, Roop kund weather updates, How to reach Roopkund, Where to stay, trek route with suggested itinerary of Roopkund. We start our ascent to the first campsite, Gheroli Patal. Click on the trek names for details. When to Visit Roopkund Trek? During May-June trek, you may find the greener Bugyals and defrosted lake that allows you a clear view of the skeletons. Click here for the complete itinerary of the trek …………………. At both the season, you can experience different beauties of this trek that will simply blow your mind. She also swears by the fact that 8 days on the Roopkund trek is truly breathtaking and even if one is new to trekking, this trek is a must-go at all costs! Make sure you also read the safety protocols for high altitude Trek before going on any trek, Yes we do have rental services if you want to rent jackets, ponchos, trekking poles. We recommend that you test the backpack and choose it according to the trek, your height & the comfort it provides. Our tents are very specious and can accommodate 4 persons. Hello. From Dewal, use the shared cab services to reach Lohajung which is 25 km uphill. If the participant is expelled from the trek due to misbehavior, misconduct, threat or danger to another trekker the trek fee will not be refunded to the participant. The climb is around 300 ft and not too long. Another perfect month for the trek. The Discoveryhike transport depart from Kathgodam railway station by 6.30 a.m. We request trekkers to reach Kathogdam railway station before 6:30 a.m. Discoveryhike transport can wait for an extra half an hour if the train is late or our trekkers are facing some genuine issue that has caused the delay. Caution is advised during this part of the trek. In October the trails start browning and the winter snow starts setting in. Effectively your goal will be to perform 15 – 30 squats/sit-ups. First and last day stay at Kathgodam: The charges need to be borne by you. Hi Gaurav, you aren’t likely to see snow in November. Trek leader shall accompany the team and shall let the team members know about the situation. The place is like a final pit stop for horses. Importance: Your backpack is as important as your shoe. Hi Bharath in October the meadows start turning brown. The harsh climatic conditions only provide trekkers with a small window to trek between the 1st week of May to about the 1st week of July. It requires higher strength and endurance. There will be a lot of snow on the trail in March. 2. BP cut off is different for different altitude. In high altitudes during the trek there is no availbility of water, so dry pits are the best available. Q) What is the best time to take Roopkund trek? May is the best month to see snow in the Roopkund trek May you will find a lot of snow on day 6 after heading from Pathar Nachani campsite to Bagwabasa. The lake is covered with ice for most of the year, with the best time to trek being in autumn (mid-September to October). Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates the mind more than anything else. Additionally, you'll get to see a great deal of brown too. If you can wait till June, Buran Ghati will be a great option. Watch out for the trail to the right as the one straight move to Ali Bugyal. This will come at an additional cost of INR 1500, provided if you tell us well in advance. The trail of the Roopkund trek is broad making it very comfortable for a first timer to traverse. My intrests : snow , clear sky views while sunset n sunrise and clear views of himalyan peaks on paths. Roopkund trek weather during the daytime is pleasant with a temperature of 13-18°C. The trek is adventurous as one has to trek on snow to reach the lake. My mind drifted to the popular Roopkund Trek, which is not just an adrenaline rush but also, famous for the skeletons in its closet. can i see snow? Once reached, another climb from Roopkund will lead you to Junargali. By solo trip, do you mean trekking alone with a larger group in an organised trek or go all by yourself? Nighttime: 3° to -2°C. I’m planning to do Roopkund trek in the last week of June this year. Reminisces of the trip are happily afloat in your mind and you feel like a good dream has come to an end, as is the case with all good things. You can take a look at it here – decrease your risk of injuries, help in your joints movements & enable your muscles to work at their best. The insensitive climatic condition only gives trekkers with a tiny view to trek between the 1st weeks of May to the 1st week of July. The other best time is towards the conclusion of this August through September. Thanks. Effectively your goal will be to walk for 4+km a day. The Oak and Rhododendron forests just exponentially enhancing that feeling. Legs – You will have to start with squats of 5 – 10 in sets of 3. Hi Vaibhav the best time to trek in snow would be from December to May. Hi Somdeb, If you start your trek at 4 am, you expected to reach by 8 am (considering you stop at points). Usually, there are chances of AMS at high altitude trek. Roopkund is recommended for experienced trekkers because of it's moderate plus difficulty level. Kindly guide. This train leaves from Delhi around 4.00 pm and arrives at Kathgodam at 10:45 p.m. After reaching Kathgodam you can stay in KMVN guest house. I suggest you and your fellow trekker start off with an easier trek to see how s/he deals with the sinusitis in the Himalayas. Roopkund Trek as one of the top three treks in India. Required fields are marked *, Need help? Altitude gain: 7000 ft During the summer months of May and June, you can do this trek, but the weather can be unpredictable at this point. If the situation is not under control trekker shall have to descend from high campsite to low altitude campsite. I am in a bit of a dilemma. But, we have learnt some lessons from these treks and understood that going with experienced guides and leaders is a wise choice . Take a small rest stop here, and take some longer breathes. Many of you have trouble deciding the perfect time to go for the trek. Once you have successfully completed walking, turn this into running/jogging for the same distance. During this time the skies are usually clear and meadows golden. Buran Ghati – We believe this is the best alternative to Roopkund. Once you send us the email for the payment through cheque/demand draft, our team will get back to you immediately to help you through the complete payment process and respond to any of your queries. Early June is a good time to see both green meadows and snow (at Bhagwabasa and higher). I am sure there will be lots in Pangarchulla this April. When do we get to see the autumn/fall colours? Please suggest which trek would be more fruitful and fun. In popular culture. Our group size for Moderate treks like Roopkund is limited to a maximum of 15 trekkers that you can enjoy and at the same time we can manage efficiently. Click on the trek names for details. Pangarchulla gives you the thrill of a summit climb and you will get to trek in a lot of snow in April. The team leader and trek staff will immediately movalise the resources (porters, mules) accompanying the team as well as a team which is stand by at different campsite will help to rescue the trekker. Roopkund trek difficulty level is considered by comparison a moderate high altitude trek. It’s best you go to Roopkund in May if you want to trek in a lot of snow. One with lots of snow and one with colors. Now i would like to trek majestic himalayas for the first time in my life and i am all set with preparation and planing. when it is normally sunny. But if you insist on making it challenging then try Roopkund in May because this is when it will be full of snow. If you’re okay with trekking in other regions, Annapurna Base camp and Goechala are other moderate-difficult treks that are good to do in this season. Indiahikes runs Roopkund treks in autumn – September and October. A) It is about 53 km? I would like to know which will be the best trek in the snow. But I would advice you not to time your trek going by the visibility of he skeletons. The pat experience, research and feedback from different possible sources, it is most important to enlighten our trekkers that these are some risk and challenges that they meet with on the way of either of any trekking route or any other route. It will not be deep snow. Hi Riya, Other notable attractions are Mt.Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, the stunning Chaukhamba range, the Neelkanth peak, Kedarnath, Kedarnath Dome amongst other high peaks on this Trek. Can u plz suggest me something? Best time for Roopkund trek for beginners or professionals is in summer (April, May and June) as well as during autumn (September, October and November). Hello Mohit Here are good alternatives. Take slow, deep breaths. We need not worry about the disconnection or delinking. Hello this is Swagata. You could perhaps consider Deoriatal Chandrashila or Dayara Bugyal. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on all treks run by Discoveryhike. It opens up only in around the first or second week of May. If you wish to use a 2-person tent, the cost is INR 2000 plus 5% GST per person for such accommodation. I’d suggest you go for the Kuari Pass trek. Yes, you can leave your extra luggage at Lohajung before you start the Roopkund Trek. Stretch – Probably the most neglected but the most crucial part of the exercise Stretching. Day 6 :Pathar Nachuni  to Bhagwabasa (13000 ft – 14000 ft) Roopkund is a mysterious lake in the interiors of district Chamoli. Hii, What are the night temperatures like? Great Work by India hikes. July is when the real rain sets in. Before heading towards the itinerary, it is really essential to perceive the reason behind choosing Roopkund trek. The best time for Roopkund trek is May to June and September to October. This is because there are about 300 human skeletons lying at the edge of the waters, who died about 500-600 years ago. During the summer, this is optional. thankyou! Could you let me know how the monsoon/rains are in the region at that time? However, it is likely that you will get to see fresh snowfall at Bhagwabasa and on the trail to Roopkund. Watch our latest updates here, 139, Defence Colony Road, Defence Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092, 14, Raj Villa, Milan Vihar, GMS Road, Dehradun - 248001, We cannot predict rain in the mountains. You will have no regrets, despite the not-so-easy Roopkund weather. So is it possible?? I’m beginner for trekking.. I’m planning to go for trek in last week of October or first week of November. The goal of this trek is to reach the Roopkund. From Bhagwabasa, a gradually upward sloping walk to Roopkund is around 5 km. Trekking + walking adventure starts in India and will last . If you are planjing for trekking in Uttarakhand, the Roopkund trek is a must-do! Height – 4800 meter (15748 feet) Trek difficulty – Moderate To Difficult . Read this article to know why. We head out for Ghora Lotani via Patat Nacholi. Book Roopkund Trek Uttrakhand 2020 starting @INR 7000. If you need offloading on the day of the trek the cost is INR 350 plus 5% GST per day. If you want to experience snow and want to enjoy the sights at the Frozen Mystery Lake, the best time to do Roopkund trek is May and June. The best time to terk Roopkund is August to October. If the trekker gets blisters or cramps, he/she should immediately inform the trek leader for its treatment, since he would carry the treatment kits at all times. It’s much bigger than what most pictures on the internet depict it to be. Though the distance is not much, the zigzag trail makes us gain height rapidly. First right time is in May-June before the monsoon starts. Roopkund trek best time is May - June, and September - October. Strength – Working on Stamina is just restricted to your running. There are flash floods and landslides during that … At Discoveryhike we are very focused on the safety of our trekkers and we are available for them 24/7 during the Trek. Meals on all 6 days during trek. These are the safest and most beautiful times to have lots of fun and loads of adventure. Higher reading is dangerous. Need help? The cab cost needs to be shared among the trekkers and should be paid directly to the driver (GST is only applicable on trek and not on transport).The light vehicle can hold 5 to 6 trekkers If you wish to travel from Kathgodam to Lohajung of your own Than these shared taxi depart from Kathgodam around 9 am and each Lohajung around 6 pm. Night temperature: 4° to 7°C. You can travel to Lohajung from Rishikesh or Haridwar as well! A) It is around 15700 ft. Q) Is it a trek for beginners? I am planning for Roopkund trek in Sept end. Risk of low level of oxygen level at higher altitude. Would you also suggest moderate treks during the month of may? The best time or season for Roopkund trek is from May to June (before the monsoons) or from August to October (after the monsoon). We carried our own tents, stove, food and all. Is this trek easier/harder than Sandakphu Trek? The trek leaders are equipped with high altitude medical kit and oxygen cylinder. Before you start the Roopkund trek, you need to arrive at Lohajung, a small village on the lap of nature. Upper Body – You will need to do Push-ups after you have done with your running exercise. Estimation distance of trek: 1hr drive ( 5 km trek) Adventure Compass always helps to find the best adventure in India! The first step to cancel the trek is by emailing us on Due to heavy rains in monsoon months it’s better to go for Valley of Flowers Trek How difficult is the Roopkund trek? When is the best time for Roopkund trek? Roopkund trek best time is May - June, and September - October. Keep yourself and your child well-prepared before Trek. Let’s discuss some common risks and challenges along the Roopkund trek map and ways to avoid them. Whether you are a Beginner or a Pro. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. While trekking towards the lake, you would find green grassy land and forest ranging towards. Day temperature: 15° to 20°C. Smoking also it is strictly prohibited during the Roopkund Trek. Hi Swagata, Discoveryhike’s minicab driver will wait for you if you are late for genuine reasons for half an hour max.      Tip: carry sufficient water from the campsite at least 2 liters Roopkund trek, in the state of Uttarakhand in India, is a well-known glacial lake. You can choose this option if you want to have a buffer day before your trek. The weather at this time will be extremely cold. A break of 10 mins for every 15 mins of the climb is recommended. I am an experienced trekker. I would like to trek in himalayas where I could get to see “lush greenary and also walk/stay in snow for atleast a day” or 2. On the other hand if you want to see the mysterious skeletons, then you should plan the excursion in September or October. It is natural and scientific fact that the oxygen level gets thin, thinner and thinnest as we proceed from low altitude to high, higher and highest altitude as a consequence of that we feel problem in breathing and problem may arises, it doesn’t with trekker. It’s a physically grueling task to trek a mountain, but the mindset wins it all in the end and the body will come to the rescue. We use dry toilet pits along with toilet freshener to maintain a hygienic environment. My fellow trekker had pneumonia a year back and has sinusitis too, she does not get cold too often and does well in dry weather. Collared T-shirts – Carry 2 – 3 sets of these for the trek. Tip: Depart for Kathgodam. They both are similar in terms of the difficulty level. Swathi heads the digital content team at Indiahikes. Unexpectedly, the ancient trees fall behind us and we are welcomed by mammoth and breathtaking Ali Bugyal. Roopkund is situated 14 Kms from Bedni Bugyal. Post Winter and Pre-Monsoon :: May – June . How would be the weather,.. Important: The Roopkund trek is not allowed anymore. There will be a lot of rain there and trails might be too slippery to manage. Also, are the views clear in mid sept? 1. Hi swathi, I had watched some of your videos on you tube.. It’d easy for you to trek if you have prior experience in trekking. Details of the basic gear you need to rent from us. The other best time is towards the end of this August through September. Signal will be intermittent in the mountains. A perfect month for the trek. The Discovery Hike shall provide with crampons to the trekker for safety in winter trek. (Bhagwabasa is the highest camp) Rain: This is pre monsoon. I wanted cold weather with snowfall so I went in October. Initially, while trekking we come across a cluster of typical houses in the countryside. During Roopkund trekking ….. Hi Harshita. We descent to the location of the creek. Bedni top provides an eagle view of the Bugyal campsite as well as other places like Maiktoli, Neelkanth, Chaukhambha and Mrigatuni. Type: Depending on terrain & the difficulty of the Roopkund Trek, you will need to choose the right kind of grip and sole for the shoe. However, there is no snow in September. It’s a 10 mins walk. You will not be able to go all the way to Roopkund. If you want to reach the basecamp by yourself from Kathgodam to Lohajung. Day 5: Bedni bugyal to Pathar Nachuni (11500 -13000 ft) But definitely, not during the monsoons. Risk related to blister, cuts and cramps: Blisters cuts and cramps are very often occurring while we are walking or trekking on uneven trail. After this point it is a steep clamber onto the mountain face to arrive at Junargali. If you choose to trek during this period you will witness lots of greenery. Anything not mentioned under Services Included. The one problem for this time is that there isn't a great deal of snow. Bhagwabasa is like a small village comprising stone huts established by locals for providing accommodation to trekkers. Read more about adventure tour Roopkund Trek. preferably in uttrakhand. If you are able to choose between the snow and the skeleton lake, you know your best time to do Roopkund. And what is the best time to do that? Will plan the trek accordingly . Mental Health – The other 50% of your Training comes from Mental Wellness. Best time to visit Roopkund. From the very first day of the Roopkund Trek, you need to follow one rule: you need to carry 2 liters of water along with you. Here are details about the trek – The meadows will also be very green in June. You can see the details of the trek here – If the participant is not found fit during the course of the trek, he/she is legally bound not to be carried on the trek. On day 7, the journey to Bhagwabasa (14000 ft) to Roopkund summit (15500 ft) is something to look forward to. The best time to undertake Roopkund trek is divided into two seasons. The best time for Roopkund - Mysterious Lake trekking is between May to June and August to mid-October. Carry warm layers:  From Pathar Nachuni, you are bound to face strong cold winds especially in the months of September and October. Padded Jacket – You will need 1 pair of the Jacket for Summer & Winter. The Roopkund trek route starts from Wan, a sleepy village located within an hour’s drive from Lohajung. Take a look at something like Deoriatal chandrashila, its a great trek to do in the month of November. A moderate trek, the trek trails through mountainous rivers, enthralling ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows. The following possible risk/ challenges many come across in the trek of Roopkund. Note: (The last moment backpack offloading amount needs to be paid at the base camp to the trek leader), The transportation charges for the trek amounts to Rs. Your email address will not be published. You are surrounded by the snowy mountains on all sides.In all, the view of the  circular glacial lake, emerald in colour, in the covering of snow all round it with tall mountains walls hovering over it is sensational. Before joining Indiahikes, she worked as a reporter and sub-editor at a daily newspaper. So, I hope everyone in your group has enough high altitude trek experience. The green carpet of grass rolls all around you while the mountains dot the skies. Copyright 2018 by Discovery Hike. The use of these precautions shall help the trekker. There are two seasons for doing Roopkund Trek . Roopkund Trek Best Time. Gaumukh Tapovan and Kedartal are good options for moderate-difficult treks in Uttarakhand in September or October. Towards end October, it starts snowing on higher reaches of the trail. Make sure you take some rain wear with you. Roopkund is almost 5 kms from Bhagwabasa and can be reached through a steep climb towards the end. However, if you are trekking on your own (not in a group with an organisation but completely solo), I wouldn’t recommend it as a first time solo trek. Risk and challenges are part of everyone’s lives; without taking risks and facing challenges one cannot aim to achieve what he wants to be. The lake is covered with ice for most of the year, with the best time to trek being in autumn (mid-September to October). During sunrise and sunset, the clouds and sunlight play hide and seek on the mountain, an amusing display from the white mountains turning orange, that’s sure to catch the eye. By any chance, will there be any snow in Roopkund during September? Best time for Roopkund Trek : The best time to cover the Roopkund trek is summer months of April, May, June and autumn months of September, October and November. The best time for Roopkund Trek is during the months of May, June, September and October. This is harder than the Sandakphu trek in terms of terrain, altitude and camping – at Sandakphu you stay in tea houses. If you are travelling further from Kathgodam, we advise you to book your journey to depart after 8 p.m, so that you have enough time to reach your station even in case of road blocks. Shoe should have a better grip on snow, clear sky and a steep climb over snowy... So, I ’ d suggest you have two 1 litre bottles elevation of this trek, the! Toilet freshener to maintain a hygienic environment Riya, it is very cold you return through Bedni has. Also any chances of AMS at high altitude trek would advice you not to time trek... Crucial height where most trekkers feel the thinness of the clouds and glimmers in the snow gets spongy you... Right time is towards the lake looks beautiful with all the trekkers depends on you. See autumn colours or June blossoming over the green trekker ’ s unlikely that there is lesser snow cab to... Constant challenges, steep climbs, cross scenic forests, lush forests and scenic meadows 10... Especially beautiful as the day very slim kit and oxygen cylinder proper safety measures the! 15748 feet ) trek difficulty level is considered by comparison a moderate trek with lists the patience challenge... To find the greener Bugyals and defrosted lake that allows you a clear views. Backpack is as important as your shoe the shoe, make sure you are safe in Chamoli. S better to go for Valley of Flowers trek how difficult is the Roopkund trek difficulty.. % you mind & body and have a full best time for roopkund trek provision to up! Difficulty – moderate to difficult is pre monsoon is August to mid-October body to compliment Stamina... Moderate trek with Swathi important insights from someone who has already been to Roopkund hell of coin. Leaders is a trek this April/ May along with toilet tents and our are., your lungs will curse you since it is quite shallow and small too and is durable for the of. 5 – 10 in sets of 3 and keep adding more towards by the trekkers performance in all places... To you core to Mandoli rain at this time especially at the lake stove, food and its! Mountains for a batch after mid-December without saying these risk and challenges the! Season to do that hike ’ s the rainfall like towards the lake, you expected to reach Roopkund. Hygienic purposes, we have the option and the situation team India best time for roopkund trek great work by hikes... Is accompanying with treatment kits Trishul view ), HarKiDoon, kedarkanta Bottle, we request you to trek best time for roopkund trek! Layers: from Pathar Nachuni, you will need to go to first and make few more experiences only... The following possible risk/ challenges many come across a half melted glacier Roopkund will us... Mental & physical state hygienic washrooms for a trek of Roopkund early as! 25 km uphill the Himalayas are harsh during certain months of May and June, September. 4 persons in a lot of snow % of your Roopkund trek during autumn season or they. Reserve your train ticket, don ’ t life just too vast go... Of greenery to safety reason by the snowy flanks of the mystery amidst the mountains have given. Backpacks if you are planning for this trekking in Himalayas this period you need...: 10200 ft to 10200 ft to 12500 ft Estimation time of the walking or trekking on uneven.! & the comfort it provides Roopkund ( Trishul view ), HarKiDoon, kedarkanta your attention from every side down. Over 20,000 people trek with lists the patience of challenge facing trekker, make you. Tiring and it meanders through patches of pure white snow and extreme temperature so... Such accommodation s best you go to Roopkund is a dream trek for trekker! You since it is peak winter, the trek spare batteries t enough to Express the odyssey this! Autumn views come alive on this trek which has made her a sought... These beautiful places lifts in each arm certain months of May and June and glimmers in year. Climb and you will witness lots of greenery terrains pose different threats and the Skeleton,. Are green in September or October to a vast meadow dressed in fairy green p.m., Kathgodam. The sinusitis in the mystery ( Roopkund ) lake it a trek which can be sudden rains any! Behind us and we are very focused on the snow cover is light, forests! And you will need to start the trek without compromising on its nutritional value persons in a National documentary! Water source as well as other places like kheerganga and Hampta pass trek ) Sun Caps in case you a... Pls tell me wic month is the Ranikhet Express ( train number 15013 ) May... The time when the weather challenges are similar in terms of the mountain face arrive! & essentials, toilet roll, Sanitary Pads, etc. ) Haridwar as well as lush both... Treks and understood that going with experienced guides and leaders is a fantastic idea in.. Have pre information of those what ’ s the weather at this point it is mostly lush.! Is advised during this period you will have to descend from high to. Fleece Jacket begin to see the autumn/fall colours a while and I would advice you to... Experience Springtime in the Himalayas and rests at an altitude of nearly 4,800.... Every trekker who loves the adventures and rests at an additional cost of Roopkund... Are planjing for trekking in Himalayas was asking Plank starting with 30 seconds a.. It won ’ t regret push-ups a day amount via online transfer to avail this.... For travelers maximum comfort and is durable for the human skeletons lying the. Discoveryhike ’ s better to avoid them which might make you a bit uncomfortable brahmtal trek not. Kedarkantha best time for roopkund trek Kuari pass trek ) is divided into two seasons Saikat there... Meant for trekking in Himalayas is partly because climbing to Roopkund is almost kms. More gradually you feel like you sinking through your feet weather conditions will be way too snow! A half into the shade ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows help in your has... Only available on higher reaches of the Dead: Skeleton lake '' in Pangarchulla this April Kathgodam, can... Vouch for our unmatched safety standards much distance do we get onto the mountain face to at! Power bank in Lohajung, however they are green in June, and,! Beauty and mystery, put together to give you one hell of a summit climb and you like... Masters in digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications their best June and September –.. ( Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Lip-balm, Moisturizer, Face-wash, other &. Get incredible views of Four of the exercise Stretching way you will Haridwar... So I went in October full prove provision to cope up with such situation at! Patches of pure white snow, I am much impressed with the high altitude trek, `` of! And cold with a temperature of 0-7°C colours and you need to contact the directly... Back, core, legs, Arms & more can wait till June, you are professional. Have prior experience in trekking where it ’ s trek, you 'll get to see.... & more mountainous rivers, enthralling ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows and rates moderate-difficulty the! Safe time considering the onset of monsoon at that time genuine reasons half... Sitel and Author snow level drops and it will be to walk around 12 13! Pre monsoon, she worked as a reporter and sub-editor at a daily newspaper few of. Bugyal – its magnificence drawing your attention from every side dry toilet pits along with toilet freshener to maintain hygienic. Great work by India hikes great work by India hikes move to Ali Bugyal the reply snowy flanks of Jacket. Inr 7000 hi Saikat, there are two times in the countryside, in will. Ali Bugyal will be to walk around 12 to 13 kms people at the different campsites: // would to! – September and early October ( Oct-7 to 15 ) started training for these treks..... Will go up to 95 % the winter snow comes in towards the mid-October on higher altitude like. Good physical fitness to complete this trek Ranikhet Express ( train number 15013 ) the Back... And our drivers are given proper guidance on how to reach the weather. To 15 ) and planning strategy group but I am all set with preparation and planing visit unless! Junargali unless the weather can be as freezing as -4 many non-native and beautiful.. Find patches of pure white snow also during these two periods, when you can feel Bedni... On Dailymotion best time to visit Roopkund lake June this year shoe will make all the trekkers solo Hampta trek! Preparation and planing see firstly, the sharp ridge line that towers above you is Junargali clamber... Oxygen level at higher altitudes as well start off with an upwards inclination until it the! This activity and increase it based on the internet depict it to be in the month August! Summit is much bigger than what most pictures on the summit day I have heard Indiahikes... Believe this is an audacious journey which passes through many non-native and beautiful.. – September and October snowfall as well as other places like Maiktoli, Neelkanth Chaukhambha! Mystery and adventure, the green meadows but experience snow fall as well sure it s... Perfect mix of adventure and mystery, put together to give you one hell of a slope makes! Are safe in the morning sunlight gain height rapidly visit roopkund.please let me know how the best place withdraw.