Football 3. The Tamiraparani river might have been a tributary of Vaigai. TNPSC Prelims and Mains Notes-TNPSC Test Series, Originates: In Western Ghats In Tirunelveli District Tributaries: River Servalar, Pachaiyar And Chittar. See instructions, General Studies Paper-I for TNPSC Mains Exam, General Studies PAPER – II – HINDU RELIGION, TNPSC  Prelims Exam 2020- Test Series and Notes Program, TNPSC  Prelims and Mains Tests Series and Notes Program, Tamil Nadu Rivers and Drainage System part 1, Syllabus and Pattern of TNPSC Prelims Exam. This name Kritimaalai( Kritimaalai) was given to one of the tributary of this river Vaigai.To explore other famous river amaravati. The Vaigai is a river in the Tamil Nadu state of southern India; it passes through the towns of Theni, Andipatti and Madurai. Left Bank: the Harangi, the Hemavati, the Shimsha and the Arkavati. Options: 1. Location; Country: India: Physical characteristics; Source: Varusanadu Hills • location: Tamil Nadu, India: Mouth • location. It receives Theniar on its left bank, just before its confluence with the Vaigai. There are significant water-sharing conflicts within agriculture itself, with the various agricultural areas competing for scarce water supplies. This river after flows through the Tamil Nadu and reaches the Bay of Bengal. There is a reservoir of 152 m.cft. From a very young age, she made up her mind to marry Lord Shivaand none else. DMPQ- What is GPS (Global positioning system)? It receives Theniar on its left bank, just before its confluence with the Vaigai. The Vaigai River basin (indicating agricultural areas) in Tamil Nadu has an area of 7,000-sq-km where current (and projected) supplies of surface and groundwater are not deemed sufficient to meet current (and projected) needs. 470. capacity across Ramanadhi. Parbati. 1. The Chittar’s first tributary is Ayindaruviar (River of Five Falls), which has an anicut and irrigates about 293.40 hectares of land. The Gundar, which is also called “Karungalar” has 7 anicuts and a reservoir. The Hariharanadhi itself has 7 anicuts and irrigates 445.10 hectares of land. Parbati: Mantalai Glacier near Pin Prabati Pass – Mixes with Beas River at Bhuntar, near Kullu of Himachal Pradesh: 23. These irrigate 3,844.59 hectares, the Hanumanadhi has 14 anicuts and irrigates 4,046.94 hectares and the last tributary to Chittar is Uppodai. Wikipedia. The Vaigai river rises on the Eastern slopes of the Varushanadu hills  near Kottaimalai in the Madurai district. The extensive fluvial history with major delta in Vaigai river and little development of fluvial landforms in Tamiraparani river also confirms the same. Tributary of Indus river, originates at Rakshastal, Tibet: 1500: Meets Beas river in Pakistan and ends at Arabian sea: 21. The Gadilam River, which starts in eastern part of Tirukkoyilur Taluk of Villupuram district flows through Cuddalore Taluk. Another tributary Manimuthar originates in the Agathimalai Ranges at an altitude of about +2,000 m above mean sea level. Ponnaiyar River flows across the boundary between Cuddalore and Villupuram Taluks (also called as Taluka) and joins with the Bay of Bengal about 3 miles north of Cuddalore. There is a reservoir of 185 m.cft, capacity across Karuppanadhi besides 6 anicuts. The Chittar and its tributaries have their origin in Courtallam hills in Tenkasi and Shencottah Taluks (also spelt as Taluka) of Tirunelveli District. The origins of Tambarabarani and its tributaries are situated at the peaks called “Aduppukkal Mottai”, “Agathimalai” and “Cherumunji Mottai”, at an altitude of about +2,000m from the mean sea level. The Vattaparai Falls are located on this river. . The Papanasam and Servalar reservoirs are interconnected by, a tunnel of 10,886 feet long. Confluence - The merging point of the tributary. . The dam is also near The Banan Fort. In 1985 a tunnel diverted waters from the Periyar River in Kerala under a contentious 999-year agreement between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A diversion weir was constructed just below the confluence of Servalar. This gave birth to the Yamuna river, an important tributary of the Ganga river system. The river Tambarabarani, after the confluence of Chittar, travels another 23-km where it has the Srivaikundam anicut. Suru. Tributary Of: River Tambarabarani Originates In: Courtallam Hills In Tenkasi And Shencottah Taluks Of Tirunelveli District Length: 80-km. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The weir has a storage capacity of 49 M.cft. What are the implications after its removal. The river has 4 tributaries called Peyar, Ullar, Karaiar and Pambar upstream of Papanasam Reservoir. DMPQ- How did scientific innovations help the cause of European colonialism. The important tributaries of the river Vaigai are, the river Suruliyaru, the river Mullaiyaaru, the river Varaganadi, the river Manjalaru and river Kridhumaal. Later on, the water of its upper course was captured by a tributary of the Ganga river, as a result of which, its lower course became dry. This river was once a great source of water for surrounding villages and it had an excellent network of canals for water storage. They irrigate 465.39 hectares of land altogether. The well-defined rectilinear flow of Vaigai river with north–south orientation in the GoM region shows that it might This tributary originates from the Kalakkadu reserve forests at an altitude of about 1,300 m above mean sea level. It is tributary of Bhavani river, which in turn is a tributary of Kaveri. Aludakanniar, another tributary to Chittar has 8 anicuts irrigating 827.47 hectares of land. In its central reaches the Vaigai flows eastward into the Vaigai reservoir at Narasingapuram. A> Estuari B > Delta. The Krishna River is the fourth-biggest river in terms of water inflows and river basin area in India, after the Ganga, Godavari and Brahmaputra.The river is almost 1,288 kilometres (800 mi) long. The Gadana River irrigates 3,887.09 hectares of wetlands. 21. Andipatti. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tributary of Indus river, originates at Rakshastal, Tibet. Even today, the dry valley of the Saraswati river is … The extensive fluvial history with major delta in Vaigai river and little development of fluvial landforms in Tamiraparani river also confirms the same. Mottaiar joins Gundar and Gundar joins Hariharanadhi. The Manjalar is joined by the Marudhanadhi on its left bank before joining the Vaigai. Beas: Rises at Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh : 470: Joins Sutlej river in Punjab, India: 22. Source – Brahmagiri Mountain (1,067 m), Tryambakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra; Length – 1,465 km. Sangam literature (circa 300 B.C) has paid many tributes to Vaigai, extolling it as 'the river that brings water when one touches it', viz the etymology Vai (place your) + gai (hands) = place one's hands. DMPQ- What is article 370? The western and northwestern parts of the basin receive heavy rainfall during the monsoons, with an average rainfall of 850mm over the basin. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! The following story is told about the birth of the river Vaigai etc. Mantalai Glacier near Pin Prabati Pass-Mixes with Beas River at Bhuntar, near Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. Snooker 4. In its central it flows eastward into the Vaigai reservoir at Narasingapuram. It joins the Tambarabarani at its 36th km near Ambasamudram. Vaigai River, river in Tamil Nadu state, southern India, flowing 150 miles (240 km) generally southeast. Palk Strait, India • elevation. It has 12 anicuts across and irrigates 6,151.35 hectares of wet and dry lands. It meets the source Kaveri at a village called Noyyal, from where the river got its name. There are six anicuts across Gadana and 7 across Ramanadhi. From thereon, it runs eastwards for 30-km and enters the Gulf of Mannar near Palayakayal. The Chittar has 5 tributaries, 3 sub tributaries and numerous small streams contributing the flow. From Periyar Thekkady lake and reservoir, some water is diverted eastwards to Tamil Nadu via a tunnel. Beas. The Power House at the reservoir will have an installed capacity of 20 MW. The Servalar Reservoir is across Servalar River. Tributaries of the Cauvery River. The tailrace water from Papanasam Power House joins the main river Tambarabarani and it serves the wetlands on both sides enroute before it confluences with Gulf of Mannar. Hariharanadhi confluencing with Chittar has two sub tributaries called, the Gundar and Mottaiar. Lower Bhawani Project Canals-Bhawani Sagar reservoir has been constructed over the Bhawani River to irrigate 78.917 hectares of land in Coimbatore district. The Vaigai also receives another minor tributary namely, the Varahanadhi on its left bank below the Vaigai dam. The Powerhouse, just below functions with a gross head of 91 m and a capacity 4 x 7 MW. This river irrigates 2,023.47 hectares of wetlands. This is also a Masonry Gravity Dam of 450 m long and 53 m high. 22. Vaigai and Thamirabarani River are major rivers which emerge from the ... Sholavandan It is located on the left bank of the Vaigai River , sixteen miles north west of Madurai . Rovers Cup is associated with which of the following sports? The diversion weir marks the confluence of Servalar and Tambaraparani. The river Tambaraparani (Now people call Tambaraparani as Thamirabarani) originates on the eastern slopes of Western Ghats in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. There is a reservoir across Gadana with a storage capacity of 352 m.cft. river might have been a tributary of Vaigai. The river is also called Krishnaveni. and important right bank tributaries are Pravara, Sindphana, Manjira, Kinnerasani, etc. This river is the tributary river of the South Indian river Kaveri. DMPQ- What are the objectives and composition of the parliamentary forums? The land use is predominantly agricultural (consuming about 3,800 MCM of water annually), with paddy as the primary crop. Tributary Of: River Tambarabarani Diversion Weir: Marks The Confluence Of Servalar And Tambaraparani. Noyyal is a tributary river originating from Kaveri at Vellingiri hills. The River Servalar, a main tributary of Tambarabarani joins the main river at a running distance of 22-km. Rising in the Varushanad Hills of western Tamil Nadu, Vaigai River initially flows northeast through the Kambam and Varushanad valleys. The Suruliyar, the principal tributary of the Vaigai also rises in the Eastern slopes of the Varushanadu hills and flows in the North and North-Easterly direction. Cheyyar River: This tributary of River Palar is a major seasonal river that flows through the district of Tiruvannamalai. Rising in the Varushanad Hills of western Tamil Nadu, it initially flows northeast through the Kambam and Varushanad… Indian Rivers General Knowledge eBook contains detailed theory, facts, data and GK questions and answers on Indian River System, in this ebook you will find easy to remember data based on Indian rivers and MCQs related to Indian river system which you may face in exams like UPSC IAS,IPS, IES, IFS, CDS, NDA, AFCAT, State-PSC, SSC, Railways and other competitive examinations. This river joins the Papanasam Reservoir at its 16th km. It flows through a length of 150 miles (240-km), generally southeast. It flows through a length of 150 miles (240-km), generally southeast. Flows: Across The Boundary Between Cuddalore And Villupuram Taluks Joins The Bay Of Bengal: At About 3 Miles North Of Cuddalore. Joins Sutlej river in Punjab, India. Bhavani 2. River in the Tamil Nadu state of southern India; it passes through the towns of Theni, Andipatti and Madurai. Panzella Glacier, Pensi La Pass, Kargil. Rises: In Varushanad Hills Of Western Tamil Nadu Length: 150 Miles Chief Tributaries: Siruliar, Theniar, Varaha Nadi, And Mangalar. The diverted water, after power generation, is let into the Suruliar river (a tributary of the Vaigai River) thereby resulting in an inter-basin transfer of water.

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