Zeref smiled a little knowing what Igneel did. Oi listen up brats (everyone gets quiet and listens) three of are strongest guild members are coming back from a Centuries quest they been on it for 7 years now and they are the first to ever complete one. !," said a voice booming through the guild"Welcome back!! Also, he seems determined to fight Zeref for it, as long as he's still breathing. Even those in Dragon Force. Calling to master Macarov through Lacrima:(Underline is Lucy and regular is master)Hello ChildHello master we arrived an hour ago. and proceeds to reveal information about Gray as well as his other friends. Igneel taught Natsu Dragon Slayer magic, a type of magic only Dragons can teach. The FairyTail Guild Battle with Lucy and rumors, July 8th, 2017 My Birthday Special 16 yrs. 2) The connection between Lucy and the dragons and Zeref. He's the END (Etherius Natsu Dragneel) that Zeref refers to way back when Natsu first meets Zeref face to face. He wears high-collared red (black in the anime) and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. Despite being hundreds of years old, Zeref has the appearance of a young man. Auch wenn Zeref mehr als 400 Jahre alt ist, tritt er als junger Mann auf. Tomorrow in the morning we will arrive to the guild.Okay I'll announce it to the guildYes master see you soonCall ended.Master Macarov: The call ended she tells the truth she is still young. Lucy’s mother is the connection I see between Lucy, the dragons, and Zeref. Natsu x Lucy Run Away Together Forever. Natsu looked at Gray, "He's here" Natsu turned to see Zeref. I've been thinking. Natsu finally put all his power into an attack and hit Zeref so hard he was incapacitated and Fairy Heart was knocked out of him. Dec 14, 2015 - Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia Married, begin their relationship after the Zeref War Dragon Festival?! Natsu Dragneel doesn’t remember Zeref because it was over 400 years ago when Zeref made Natsu and gave him to Igneel (A Fire Dragon). The three are mother and daughters their names are Lucy, Pire, and Paine H. V. they want their last names to be a mystery. While it seems that Zeref's intentions may be for the sake of the greater good, Natsu is still not convinced that resetting time and letting go of everything that has happened up to this point is the best and final answer. !," cheered the whole guild"Big sis," said Erza cheering and running to Lucy"Erza how's my favorite lil sis,"said Lucy lifting Erza up and spinning her around and carrying Erza"Hey Lucy," said a guild mate"Hey Macao, how have you been squirt,"said Lucy rubbing Macao's head (right know every other adult is in their early 20's)"Lucy this is are new member Natsu Dragneel," said Macao introducing Lucy young Natsu"Hi Natsu I'm Lucy and these are my two daughters Pire and Paine," said Lucy putting Erza down and pointing at her daughters"Hi Lucy," said Natsu "one day can we have a battle. "Hey why are you getting ready for these people that are coming," I asked Erza"We are getting ready for big sis and her daughter's because they are awesome,"answered Erza in a girly cheerful way and skipping to bake a cake for her big sis"Erza gets like that when Lucy comes," said gray half naked"Oh scary,"said NatsuWhen the door is kicked down"We are back!!! Right. First, Zeref reveals his name is Zeref Dragneel and that he's Natsu's older brother. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion.

He then rebutted his statement, claiming that if Mavis was a fairy, then he was a spriggan. One name: Layla Heartfilia. "Yes I know, they have been telling our story for centuries. When Zeref returned to the Alvarez Empire, he changed his wardr… Des weiteren trägt Zeref eine Toga um seinen Rumpf. Dieser Mantel ist mit goldenen Streifen versehen. Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18. Zeref told Natsu that he has been curse with immortally and has been trying to find a way to lift it. Zeref then says to Gray that he put himself in a situation that will cause Natsu the most grief. Read Zeref came to visit... from the story A married man falls in love by Naluforlife1123 (naLU shipper) with 238 reads. We can infer that, if Natsu wanted to get to Zeref, he would have to go through Acnologia first. Zeref and Mavis have done a lot of impressive things with magic. And no, I’m not going to put the average evidence of Natsu and Lucy being best friends or what Mashima-sensei supposedly said that if they have a kid, it would be called Nashi. Natsu and Lucy Kiss FairyTail Movie 2 2016!?? I leave my office to make the announcement. Well sweeties lets get home to get a rest we did go to a centuries quest for 7 years, master Makarov will be happy to see us," said Lucy making it home.Getting ready for bed:"Mom it's bed time come on," said Paine. "Someone is telling our story mother," Pire said walking ahead. All Rights Reserved, Amar Prem Cast Child Artist Nandu Real Name, How To Adjust Temperature On Lg Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Aldi Workzone Pressure Washer Spare Parts, Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale In Oklahoma, Breathe In Breathe Out Its Over Now The Swap, Blue Is The Warmest Colour English Dubbed, Morgan Stanley Sophomore Summer Analyst Interview, Forget about Forex Indicators and Do This, 3 SUPER SIMPLE Ways To Skyrocket Your Win Rate When Trading The Trend. And this leads us into the Heartfilia connection. ""When you are a bit more older Natsu," said Lucy rubbing Natsu's head"Okay," said Natsu make a toothy grin"Well Natsu Welcome to fairy tail,"said Lucy walking to the Master near the counter"Thanks Lucy, and welcome back,"said Natsu getting a slice of cake. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doraguniru) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein he is a member of Team Natsu. When Natsu believed Lucy was dead, he lost all reason and gave in to the demon within that thirst for Zeref's blood. They found each other and this time they are going to make things right. Of course, neither Lucy nor Lisanna got to smooch on Natsu by the series’ end. Her skirts are longer than the ones she wore when … Lucy generally dresses in plainer clothes. Natsu tells Lucy I love you Episode 328 - Fairy Tail Episode 51 Season 3. He questions Z… Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18. After defeating Dimaria, Natsu then checked if Lucy is alright but finds blood around Lucy's eyes and after trying to wake her, he presumed that the non-responsive Lucy was dead (not knowing this was a result of Dimaria's magic), the loss of his closest friend causes Natsu to shed tears and swear vengeance on Zeref. When they where 18 Lucy and Zeref got engaged and married 1 year later Mavis founded FairyTail the first members where Lucy and Zeref Vermillion. "It's been a while Natsu, you grown pretty well and strong." The guild members got in their fighting stances while Natsu looked confused and Zeref held his hands up, signaling to be no fighting. Natsu always helps Lucy whenever she is in trouble and deeply cares for her. Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion. After Mavis confessed that she loved Zeref, the Curse of Contradiction was finally broken with the power of love, and the two were able to die together in peace. Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia Married, begin their relationship after the Zeref War Dragon Festival? When Natsu declares to Gray that he won't die if Zeref dies, Lucy says his name in a worried tone and internally wonders if it is true. When he looked up again, he saw that Virgo was sitting on the ground, studying Zeref with judging eyes. After Universe One is dispelled due to Irene's death, Zeref sits in the Fairy Tail guild hall until he is approached by Gray. Zeref was said to have been the darkest Wizard in the history of the Magic World as he mastered the Black Arts of Magic Power and created Demons and other monstrous creatures, most of which continued to wreak havoc in the present. Natsu said. Good thing Gray was there to cool him down. Zeref Created the Etherious Demons and E.N.D Mavis Created the 3 Great Fairy Spells. She soon watches as Natsu prepares for his second fight with Zeref. Dec 4, 2018 - Explore Isabelle Cairns's board "Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy, Zeref and Mavis" on Pinterest. . In chapter 436, when Zeref thinks about his past, how he created all other demons to kill him but all of them failed, he then says, "And so, finally I made you. Lucy watches as Natsu duels Zeref before he is overpowered due to not having Igneel's power to help him. In their final battle, Zeref obtained Mavis's magic and a huge surge of power, but Natsu was still able to immobilize him. Zeref had closed his eyes. Pire had white hair with red eyes and had snow maker magic and dark magic like … Rather than continuing to beat up his older brother, Natsu left it to Mavis to end things with Zeref. old. Irene points out that having such feelings will not help him to defeat Acnologia and Zeref eventually agrees with her logic, deciding to leave the guild hall afterwards.Later, Zeref arrives and asks Irene to stop the process of extraction briefly, expressing his wish to talk to Mavis for the last time. Er hat schwarze Haare, die ihm ins Gesicht fallen und schwarze Augen. level 2. Comment deleted by user 4 years ago More than 1 child. He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. The celestial spirits probably would know the most out of all of them. Zeref ist ein netter junger Mann der durch schlechte Umstände das wurde was er heute ist. Zudem trägt er auch ein runde Kette um seinen Hals. Zeref's Wife. She held out a bucket and he took it, surprised to see a cloth. Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18. So Natsu fought with him, but since Lucy was rewriting the book of E.N.D no matter what Zeref did to Natsu Lucy would just write away the wounds. Gray says that Zeref knows a lot about him and his friends, and they hardly know anything about Zeref. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion. Als Zeref wieder in das Königreich Alvarez zurückkehrt, ändert er seinen Kleidungsstil und trägt schwarz-weiße Kleidung.De… Zudem trägt er einen dunklen Umhang, mit einem gelben rand. Fairy Tail left off on a cliffhanger as Natsu took his team on a fabled mission, and he did so without ever confessing. Same goes for Natsu and Lucy Natsu Has defeated around 75% of the Slayer mages. 1 Aussehen 2 Persönlichkeit 3 Magie 4 Galerie 5 Trivia Zeref sieht für sein Alter noch recht jung aus. Natsu Does WHAT to Lucy?! He has short black hair, dark eyes, and abnormally sharp canines. Lucy was pregnant and gave birth to two kids Pire and Paine which mean snow and celestial. Gray asked. Other Natsu's Relationships Image Gallery 1 Fairy Tail Guild 1.1 Happy 1.2 Lucy Heartfilia 1.3 Gray Fullbuster 1.4 Erza Scarlet 1.5 Gajeel Redfox 1.6 Wendy Marvell 1.7 Lisanna 1.8 Zeref Dragneel 1.9 Gildarts Clive 2 Others 2.1 Jellal Fernandes 3 References Main article: Happy Happy is Natsu's inseparable companion and best friend. "Hurrrray," a loud cheer is herd around the guild. They are all SS class wizards they will be here tomorrow in the morning so get ready for their return.

At times, Natsu comically calls Lucy 'weird' whenever she does or says something that is unusual in his standards, which leads to Lucy incredulously pointing out that he is the more unusual of the two. Natsu and Lucy seem to have a relationship that is above the average friendship level. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion. Suuure . "Natsu," Lucy's voice was soft, and he looked over his shoulder. It goes to show just how fiercely Natsu cares for Lucy. Natsu raised his egg with Lisanna and they have been … Next morning at the guild:Young Natsu POV:I see everyone running around the guild getting ready for see people I'm still fairly new to this guild Erza is scary and the pervert Gray is annoying. According to FT's manga, Natsu Dragneel is a demon made by Zeref Dragneel. natsuxlucy, nali, luke. "Okay Paine I'll be there go to sleep I'm doing something,"answered Lucy. He proceeds to ask if As the brothers stare each other down, Zeref tells Invel to have the army retreat several kilometers to the west, as he is the only one that can deal with Natsu, something to which Invel complies. Despite her inclining age, her body hasn't changed much and she still maintains an hourglass figure. Er trägt eine Art Mantel, welcher im Manga rot, im Anime jedoch schwarz ist. This surprises Zeref as he tells Gray that he thought either Laxus or Jellal would be the first one to reach him. Her breasts are large and she still holds pride for that, but her stomach has several stretch marks from her many straining pregnancies (as she did give birth to triplets). Lucy is a fair and beautiful woman with long blonde hair and round brown eyes. A month later the Dragneel brothers catch up on a lot. Read chapters 436, 464 and 465. "I believe I'm your brother Zeref Dragneel," he said. In a technical, yes. He also wears a pendant, where he keeps a childhood picture of Natsu and himself. When both reached 200... Lucy POV:I was walking down the street with my daughter's Pire and Paine. Through out the (END, イーエヌディー, Ī Enu Dī). "Thanks," he muttered. Natsu has taken it upon himself to protect Lucy, even if she's capable of expelling enemies with her own Celestial magic. 4 years ago "The gods have cursed me because they are jealous of my pink hair!" I'm glad your okay 2nd master. Er hat kurze schwarze Haare und schwarze Augen, sowie sehr scharfe Eckzähne. See more ideas about fairy tail, zeref, fairy. 10 years past and FairyTail grew big and famous and so did magnolia. Lucy Dying to save Natsu.

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