Maturity: 40 days. Iron and Clay Cowpeas Food Plot Seeds Great food plot item - The deer will flock to these peas especially when they are new little tender seedlings just emerging at the 1-2 leaf stage. We recommend the former. April in the middle of the country. Enhance No-Till Farming Operations With Our Line Of Cover Crop Rollers. This high protein forage is excellent when used for grazing, haying, baleage, or as a component in a summer cover crop. Iron and Clay peas are primarily for use in Southern State locations as a summer food plot crop. Using a planter to drill the seeds is best practice as, again, the row spacing is very important. That said, they mix well with other crops such as corn as their vines grow up and around the stalk, thus giving you two food sources for wildlife rather than just the usual one. My ag seed supplier didn't have forage soybeans but they said Iron Clay Cowpeas are just as good, so I spring planted some for the first time, four plus acres worth, as part of a mix with radishes, sorghum, sunflowers, clover and t-raptor brassica. Excellent for quail, dove & deer. Iron Clay Peas. Those April nights were too cool. If you can afford to plant corn in a larger plot, one acre or more, it will be to your benefit. Along with soybeans and iron clay peas, lablab is one of the whitetail’s favorite forage legumes. Not only does corn provide a fantastic food source for whitetail deer, it also serves as great cover. The ability of southern peas to grow in poor soil is quite remarkable--many varieties are also used as cover crops--and they are relatively free of … Like iron clay peas, lablab holds up pretty well to grazing pressure, yet it persists longer, thus holding deer in the area for a greater amount of time. Licensed in MI - Edmund Joel Nogaski, Broker. At Advance Cover Crops, Our Focus Is To Provide The Right Resources, Tools, And Advice For Cover Crops And Equipment. Iron & Clay Peas (Iron-Clay Cowpeas) are a southern favorite for food plots and are an easily planted crop either in row or by broadcasting. Cowpeas growing in the lower levels in a summer cover. Welcome, Monday. Cowpeas are a favorite for a good hardy southern area food plot. Powered by Corn is extremely high in fat and carbs despite a low protein level and is one of the most important food sources for deer in the North and upper Midwest where brutal winter temperatures are prone to dip below zero. Call to Order: We are encouraging our customers to call us at 800-352-5247 to place your orders.We can then ship your seed directly to you, or you can come pick it up at Albert Lea Seed. Peredovik Sunflowers can be included with a mix of sorghum, soybeans, and cowpeas. Peredovik Sunflowers can be broadcast into a well prepared seed bed and lightly disced, dragged, or cultipacked. Well needless to say ALL blooms were gone. Seed Depth: 1-1 ½ inches Controlling weeds is an important factor, and both pre- and post-emergent treatments are likely will likely be necessary to help establish a healthy crop. In the States of Nebraska & North Dakota DBA Whitetail Trophy Properties Real Estate LLC. Regardless, culti-pack after planting to give it the contact with the soil that it needs to sprout. Similar to many other seeds, they will thrive best if the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Register Log In Forums Quality Deer Management sunflowers and iron clay peas: Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Aldeer Classifieds WTB 17 HMR by ghost rabbit. (more than 10 bags of 50 pounds) please contact us by Phone at 800 253 7346 or click here for a price quote and delivery options.. Please enter a password for your user account. Legal. When did you plant? Inoculant: EL Type Inoculant, which is recommended not only for iron clay peas but also for Alyce clover, American joint vetch, lablab, lespedeza and a few others. Depending on local deer density and habitat quality, an ideal plots size is a minimum of one to two acres. It is extremely high yielding, high in protein and productive throughout the summer. I got some sunflower/lab lab/ic pea plots in now that look real good. With their highly digestible, protein packed leaves they are commonly used as a warm season forage for deer and livestock. Iron and Clay Southern Pea. Plant anytime between March and June or even early fall. A “top dressing” of nitrogen could also be required mid-growth. Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant with a large daisy-like flower face.Its scientific name comes from the Greek words helios (“sun”) and anthos (“flower”).The flowers come in many colors (yellow, red, orange, maroon, brown) but they are commonly bright yellow with brown centers that ripen into heavy heads filled with seeds. Cover Crop/Forage Tech Sheet. This mixture will thrive where most others will not, even under heavy grazing.~~~ Hancock's Ultimate Deer Food Plot Seed Mix is … Haven’t planted this plot in summer crop in couple years since property was clear cut. Description: Cowpeas are a vigorous growing warm season annual legume. pH: 6.0-7.0 Seed Rate: 40-50 lbs per acre if drilled. Vigna unguiculata . Iron and Clay Cowpea 5 Lbs. Note that the plants (seed pod production) growth are highly regulated by sunlight / heat and when planted in more northern states the plants will often NOT produce any seed pods. May or early June in the North. The sunflowers have completely faded and now dropping seed. Just be sure that soil temperatures should remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the best germination and emergence. Planting Time: mid-April in the South. If you’re in the hay business, mixing red clover with fescue or wheat will increase your number of bales by a large margin. Let’s say you’re going to plant iron clay peas in one field, a phenomenal source of protein for deer throughout the spring, summer and fall. Sufficient rainfall is required as it will not tolerate drought. Sunflowers are a great crop to plant for wildlife in 2018. It is extremely winter hardy, resistant to weeds, protects soil from erosion, and important to note, is a favorite food source for deer, turkey and other wild animals. Planting Time: mid-April in the South. All non-GMO. They can do well in acidic soils, but prefer a PH above 5.5. Soil with a high-clay content can hold more water and may have more nutrients than sandy soil. I posted pics of our sunflower/pea experiment this year earlier on this thread. 25 lbs per acre if broadcast. 10-15 lbs per acre if broadcast. One weekend I went up and all sunflowers had buds and appeared to be about to bloom. Your peas should fix enough nitrogen for the sunflowers if the deer leave the peas alone long enough for them to get a decent start. Planting Time: mid-March in the South. Seed Rate: 5-10 lbs per acre if drilled. I seriously doubt the deer let mine get to that stage. Cowpeas can also be mixed with sunflowers (25 lbs. Otherwise, the fee participation will be at the sole discretion of Whitetail Properties. Paired with the aforementioned iron clay peas, you can bet the whitetails will be spending a lot of time on your property. If you aren't going the soil sample route, I would use a fertilizer blend for peas/clover such as an 0-20-20. Iron Clay Cow Peas - Iron Clay Peas are a warm season Legume used as an added ingredient to Spring, Summer and Fall food plots for wildlife. Licensed in IN - Bill Minor, Broker. We recommend using a planter or even no-tilling the seed. Although easily misidentified as a pea, iron clay peas are actually a bean. Licensed in ID, MT, UT, WY, OR - Aaron Milliken, Broker, Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection NoticeTexas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services, Corporate Office 121 South Madison St Pittsfield, IL 62363. Let’s say you’re going to plant iron clay peas in one field, a phenomenal source of protein for deer throughout the spring, summer and fall. Iron and Clay Cowpeas Food Plot Seeds Great food plot item - The deer will flock to these peas especially when they are new little tender seedlings just emerging at the 1-2 leaf stage. Iron Clay Cowpea. Grow legume cover crops (peas, beans, clover, and alfalfa) to add nitrogen and biomass to the soil. I hope they turn out half that good. 01/14/21 12:00 AM CCI 209 primers by BradB. Seed Rate: 50 lbs per acre in untilled, minimally tilled and tilled fields. In order to be able to post messages on the Mississippi Hunting and Fishing Forums forums, you must first register. Cowpeas are a favorite for a good hardy southern area food plot. Cowpeas are the most productive legume in warm regions of the United States. ‘Iron Clay’ Season type: summer annual legume Seeding rate: 40 to 50 lb/acre drilled; 80 to 100 lb/acre broadcast. op. Remember to plant them on high ground where they get plenty of sunlight per day and have less of a chance of sitting in wet soil for long periods of time. One important thing to remember is to plant each flower about six inches apart in rows up to 30 inches apart. 70-80 lbs per acre if broadcast. Fine patch right there Matt. 4,000 seeds/lb. Seed Rate: 15 lbs per acre if drilled. / acre). Licensed in TX & NM - Joey Bellington, Broker. In this same field you’re also going to plant corn, ... Sunflowers are a great crop to plant for wildlife in 2018. 01/13/21 10:34 PM ISO of … So I took my wife up there to see the results of the seeds she made me plant. It is very tolerant to deer pressure once established and has good regrowth potential. Seed Depth: 1 inch Excellent for quail, dove ,Avg. In this same field you’re also going to plant corn, which will provide a great food source and cover. Maturity: 60-100 days. Iron and Clay Cowpeas are a summer annual legume. Iron clay peas have the ability to produce their own nitrogen in root modules, which makes them an excellent choice as a “soil-building” summer crop. The sorghum and sunflowers provide a lattice for the beans and peas … While it’s short-lived, it is one of the best sources of high quality protein in the plant kingdom. pH: 6.0+ In fact, they prefer hot summers, needing some six to eight hours of sunlight per day. $ 2.95. Maturity: 100-120 days. We planted the first weekend of April in Smith County. Relative Maturity: Late Class: Non Crowder Plant Habit: Bushy Pod Color: Green Seed Color: Light Brown Seed Size: Medium Description: One of the most popular peas for wildlife enthusiasts planting warm season plots, this variety has a heavy growth of vines that … May or early June in the North. Complete list of Food Plot Seed For Deer, Ducks, Dove,Turkey and other wildlife. Planting Time: mid-March in the South. Shop Sunflower Cover Crops. Thanks Randy for confirming what I have read. Cowpeas are a highly preferred summer deer forage and can be difficult to prevent over grazing in small or medium sized plots. May in the North. Maturity: 60-70 days. Seed Depth: ¼ inch The Broker (Whitetail Properties) does not assume liability for typographical errors, misprints, nor for misinformation that may have been given us. Check out the Tech Sheet for more information and contact us for bulk seed special order. Corn can be planted by using conventional tillage in rows or broadcast planted in a prepared seedbed. Whitetail Properties Real Estate, LLC DBA Whitetail Properties. For quantities over 500 lbs. Provided is the USA planting zone map with species of foodplot seeds, which wildlife they attract, and when to plant in … Seed Depth: 1/2 inch Licensed in TN - Bobby Powers, Broker. Iron Clay Cowpeas / Black-Eyed Peas Organic options. Licensed in IL, MO, IA, KS, KY, NE & OK - Dan Perez, Broker. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Seed Depth: 1 inch Buyers' agent must be identified on first contact with Broker and must accompany the buyer on showings to receive full fee participation. Clay peas were carried as rations by Confederate soldiers, while both Iron and Clay peas sustained newly freed African-Americans after the Civil War according to George Washington Carver’s 1908 Cookbook of Field Pea Recipes.] It also improves soil conditions by building the organic content in the dirt. All Rights Reserved. Sunflowers grow best in loose, well-draining soil with a pH somewhere between 6.0 to 7.5. Iron Clay Cowpeas. Production Residue: 2,500 to 4,500 lb/acre. Seed Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre if drilled. L. cv. It’s that time of year to start planning what to plant for wildlife in 2018. They are vigorous, drought hardy plants and are a great nitrogen-fixing crop. It is tolerant of low fertility and soil acidity, although the soil should contain adequate levels of lime and fertilizer to ensure plants achieve optimal nutritional qualities. (217) 285-9000, Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice, Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services. This warm season annual legume produces high protien forage for wild life and makes a great soil building cover crop. Licensed in AL, GA, LA, & MS - Sybil Stewart, Broker. New IRON CLAY COW PEA Food Plot Forage Vigna Unguiculata Cowpea Legume 50+ Seeds David's Garden Seeds Cover Crop Iron and Clay 8936 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds One Ounce Package Do Sunflowers Do Well in High-Clay Soil?. Iron clay peas are relatively inexpensive, easy to establish and manage, grow well under just about any condition, including drought; produce a tremendous amount of protein-packed and digestible forage and most importantly, deer, turkey, rabbits, quail and dove are extremely attracted to them. We don’t recommend broadcasting. Iron and Clay Cowpeas are some of the top performers when dealing with heat and drought conditions. pH: 6.0-7.0 Late May or early June in the North. crop mix with sunn hemp, sunflowers, and buckwheat. Seed Rate: 10-12 lbs per acre in pure stand. Licensed in NC - Rich Baugh, Broker. Your deer season in one word, let’s hear it. Compared to other legumes, iron clay peas hold up well under grazing pressure as long as the plot is not too small. Disc buckwheat at maturity and you will create a rich, nutritious soil prime for planting fall annuals that will last into hunting season. Iron Clay Cowpeas reduce rootknot and soybean cyst nem- atode populations, making them a beneficial break crop in rota- tion. Licensed in AR - Anthony Chrisco, Broker. Iron Clay Peas have many benefits as a cover crop including nitrogen-fixation, weed suppression, and attracting beneficial insects. You may consider Roundup Ready® corn, which is a genetically modified seed that is immune to the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. pH: 6.0+ Studies have shown that cowpeas are able to fix between 130-200 lbs of nitrogen per acre. FARM SEED SALES & PICK UP. Planting Time: mid-April in the South. Corn flourishes when planted in well-drained, loamy soils with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. pH: 6.0-7.5 Planted 7 plots totaling about ten acres April 18. Iron and Clay Cowpeas also have shown to handle acidic soils much better than other legumes. We’re looking back to see what has historically worked well, in both growth and whitetail attraction, and thinking about the vegetation we’d like to try. Inoculant: cowpea, lespedeza type . © 2021 Whitetail Properties. The yellow flower is a pleasant addition to the green and blue backdrops of summer, the best time for them to grow. ... Well, as of this weekend, I got a report that we are down to just one, 1/2 acre plot of Iron & Clay peas and I don't give them long. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Sunflowers are nice to look at. / acre) or Buckwheat (25 lbs. What’s some of the experts recommendations for fertilizing iron clay pea/sunflower mixture. I planted iron clay peas in Winston county may 5th and pearl river county last Saturday. Licensed in MD, WV - Debbie S. Laux, Broker. April in the middle of the country. Licensed in TN - Tim Burnette, Broker. Iron & Clay cowpeas. That is actually on a WMA I manage in SW GA. We do a lot of burning so there is plenty of natural browse right now. Thanks for starting our week in the best way possible. Inoculant: Most are pre-inoculated, but use EL Type Inoculant if not. Despite their resilience in virtually any soil, they still require the pH to be greater than 6.0. They were planted at 5/10/40#/ac and 300# 5/15/20 per acre. Update on I/C Peas & Sunflowers Been 2 weeks since I was last on our property. That is a fine patch MattK. I am pleased to report that we will give this experiment a 10. Peas held up well though to pressure throughout the summer but didnt make it nearly to October due to being whipped out. Planting Time: one month after final frost or late spring to late summer. Privacy. Seed Depth: 1 inch I am no expert, but I will give it a shot. 110 days. The peas grew up the stalks and still putting on new growth. All property is subject to change, withdrawal, or prior sale. Licensed in FL, NY, OH & PA - Jefferson Kirk Gilbert, Broker. Maturity: 90-100 Days The following errors occurred with your submission. Iron Clay produces the abundant amounts of organic matter and nitrogen needed to enrich the soil, resists common forms of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita), and grows well … It is always best to get a soil sample and get your ph right so you aren't pissing away fertilizer. This is an annual legume that provides forage and seeds for deer and game birds alike, and can be planted in early March through September depending upon the climate zone. Vigorous ... Do not apply nitrogen, which will result in poor yield and lush foliage. May in the North. These characteristics can be … Buckwheat is an inexpensive, warm-season annual and one of the easiest crops to plant, making it perfect for first-time planters. They didn't really start growing until May. The information contained herein is deemed reliable but is not warranted or guaranteed by the Broker or Seller. They do well in a wide range soil types, including nutrient poor or sandy and droughty soils. However couple years ago this mix worked great at keeping deer in it for pictures all summer. Looks real good. They’re believed believed to have originated in Africa and their introduction to the United States occurred during early colonial times when the resilient bean became a staple crop in the southeast. Red clover is what you’d call a cover crop for its ability to fill in other grasses. They are able to excel due to their massive tap root that has been measured reaching depths of 8+ feet. Iron Clay Cow Peas produce forage in 45 days and mature seed in 100 days. Licensed in NC, SC, VA - Chip Camp, Broker. Iron & Clay cowpeas are a summer annual legume. 6-8 lbs per acre if mixed with another grass. In short, everything the big bucks want in a meal. KY Land Specialist Dave Skinner put in his time and pulled this whitetail from another farm with the diversity of h…, Hidden beneath a blanket of snow and a view soon to behold whitetails, lies a. Like corn, they provide an excellent “ladder structure” for legumes to climb and help increase production. You’ll want the soil temperature to be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit before planting for optimal germination. This is important for land managers in the South where summer tends to be long, hot and dry. Type: warm season annual legume Uses: Iron and clay cowpeas are perhaps the most popular peas for wildlife enthusiasts planting warm season plots for deer. Licensed in AR, CO, GA, MN, ND, SD, TN & WI - Jeff Evans, Broker. Caddis. 110 days [Brought to the U.S. by enslaved Africans before the American Revolution. It, too, originated in Africa and has acclimated nicely the United States, especially in ecosystems where dry soil is prevalent. Iron Clay Cow Peas produce forage in 45 days and mature seed in 100 days. Deer feel more secure moving from the woods into a corn field than they do any other food plot. Hancock's Ultimate SPRING Deer Food Plot Seed Mix is designed for high protein, drought tolerance, wide soil adaptability, and variety. Quantity. pH: 6.0-7.2 Lastly, since corn requires a lot of nitrogen, be prepared to fertilize directly after planting on the recommendation of a soil test. But their sheer attractiveness is not the only reason you should grow sunflowers. Peas/Beans: Catjang cowpea 20/15 B/D Yes April-June 1/4-1/2" A D,T,Q insects, forage, seed deer may over browse widely adapted July-Aug. Iron &Clay cowpea 85/20/60 B/R/D Yes April-June 1/4-1/2" A D,T,Q insects, forage, seed deer may over browse widely adapted July-Aug. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Maturity: 90-100 days

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