(VOY: "Endgame"), By the 2380s the Borg had assimilated Sikarians and acquired their spatial trajector technology, which they began integrating into the queencell of Borg cubes. The drone's designation was One, and its curiosity caused it to seek contact with the Borg Collective. (TNG: "Q Who"; Star Trek Generations), The Enterprise-B tries to rescue El-Aurian refugees, In 2293, two starships, the SS Lakul and SS Robert Fox, were carrying El-Aurian refugees to Earth when they became caught in an energy ribbon that caused the destruction of both ships. The Borg took control of the navigational deflector and created a singularity which pulled Voyager into the realm of Species 8472. Link to … When Seven of Nine met Captain Janeway, The Doctor had healed her wounds, on the bridge. Voyager was attacked by four bio-ships and fired their nanoprobe enhanced photon torpedoes, destroying all four ships. A few days later a Borg cube encountered USS Voyager and locked a tractor beam on her and informed the crew that they would be assimilated. (VOY: "Inside Man"; Star Trek: First Contact), Although the Borg were normally not active in the Alpha Quadrant in 2063, a Borg sphere traveled back in time from 2373 to the Earth of that year. This would likely have profound effects on the Collective throughout the Galaxy. As for the OP and the Borg: "Invincible" enemies, as the Borg were portrayed as up until "Descent" (when Beverly, of all people, assisted by a group of newbie halfwits, effortlessly destroyed a Borg ship), lose their aura of invincibility when they're defeated time and time again. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. It is said there is more than one borg queen (possibly) or that the borg queen herself is controlled by a higher borg queen. While the Queen detached an arm from her body, the pathogen started to affect her, she managed to send a Borg sphere after Voyager. Immediately, the away team was beamed back to the Enterprise. The Borg forced Seven of Nine to help assimilate Species 10026, all 392,000 of them, just to remind her what it was to be Borg. (VOY: "Drone"). It isn't clear if this was meant to be the same Queen in all cases. After they released the nanovirus the Borg started to lose contact with drones. In the Unicomplex, the Borg Queen was visited by the future Admiral Janeway, who was connected to the hive mind via a synaptic interface. Moments later Voyager and the Borg cube were attacked by a single bio-ship. USS Voyager made it back to Earth in 2378. Why are the Borg different in Voyager and TNG? (TNG: "Descent", "Descent, Part II"), The Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld for the second time. Their organic bodies are enhanced, and some parts completely replaced, with cybernetic implants. When they dropped their shields an away team from Voyager beamed over to the Borg sphere. This was the Borg's second attempt, and on board was a Borg Queen. In an effort to destroy it the Borg Queen sent drones into Unimatrix Zero, and even visited it herself. The A-6 excavation team discovered the Arctic debris field where much of the Borg sphere remained, severely damaged and buried under a glacier. They once tried to assimilate a species by traveling back in time. This happened after they assimilated a Species 6339 vessel. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. In ST Voyager series finale Janeway destroyes a borg hub going from the delta to alpha (earth) quadrant. One of the Borg cubes scanned Voyager with a polaron beam and when finished joined the other vessels en route to Species 8472. To protect themselves the Unimatrix Borg devised a nanovirus which would make them undetectable by the Borg Collective but they were unable to introduce the virus into the Collective. Fast forward to about 200-300 years before Picard and Co., a federation starship stumbles upon the non-Borg Caelier, with their captain, Ericka Hernandez. In 2375, father and daughter met once again, although Magnus was still a drone serving in Unimatrix 01. What is the grinding sound made by the Borg in Star Trek Voyager? Other things tend to imply that the queen is the incarnation of that collective consciousness. Some time later, the Borg Queen monitored a viewscreen conversation between Captain Janeway and an Admiral Janeway, who had entered the Delta Quadrant via a temporal rift. Propose future topics for SFF topic challenges! Unknown to the Borg, Voyager had beamed a photon torpedo on board the vessel set to detonate when it was inside the Borg sphere. Upon arrival at their homeworld the Borg were attacked by them. @Valorum I believe during edits over time the question changed. This resulted in conflicts between the different species. Although the Borg lost Locutus, they again resumed their course for Earth. After they defeated 8472, the Borg finally were able to assimilate Arturis’ people. On stardate 32623.5, a Borg cube exiting a transwarp conduit encountered the Raven, which at this point had changed its course without informing Starfleet. When vessels were redirected to intercept, the Borg Queen shook and parts of her chamber started to explode. So if it truly died I would imagine that everyone would be "released". Unknown to the Borg Commander Chakotay, who was now in command because Captain Janeway was severely wounded when the cube was hit, was altering their agreement. In the series finale of Voyager (and arguably the series finale of all the Star Trek TV series if DS9's date is right in my head) we see. When Voyager reached the center of the nebula they discovered a transwarp hub. When it was re-integrated within the Borg Collective, the program would destroy the Borg from the inside, like a virus. The Borg Queen gave Janeway an option: make the drones return to the Collective or let them die. Unknown to the Borg, Voyager salvaged eight kilotons of debris in search for components they could use. The origins of the Borg are unknown, what is known is that they existed at least 800 years ago. When she asked Janeway if she planned to attack the Borg from inside the Unicomplex Janeway didn't answer. The Borg found Janeway's shuttle within a few moments. The demise of the Borg led to a new front in the Temporal Cold War, as all the factions fighting were from futures where the Borg were defeated - it was noted by Federation Temporal Agent Jena Noi that in almost every possible history where the Borg were not defeated in the 24th century they assimilated the entire galaxy by 2600. Although normally the Borg would investigate a destroyed Borg vessel, it is unknown if they did so with this one. It only takes a minute to sign up. There, Seven of Nine, escorted by two drones, was welcomed home by the Borg Queen. Where they came from is hotly debated among the ranks of Starfleet. Were the Borg destroyed at the end of Voyager? It was returned to its homeworld and parents offscreen. While the Borg tried to adapt, the lead cube was fired upon by Voyager with two transphasic torpedoes. (ENT: "Regeneration"), In the mid-23rd century, the Borg assimilated the homeworld of the El-Aurians. It even had a name, Hugh. The cube subsequently suffered a submatrix collapse and was separated from the Collective. Can you offer any evidence to back up these pretty bold assertion? Designated Species 8472 by the Collective, this newly discovered race was the sole occupant of an extra-dimensional realm known as fluidic space. Finding the last remains of some ship that is already dead wouldn't fit the tone of the way this answer heavily implies that the Borg did not die. To Seven's surprise the Queen let the vessel go. The Borg fired weapons at the Enterprise designed to drain their shields and was still closing in, even though the Enterprise seemed to have reached her maximum speed. (VOY: "Infinite Regress"), Former drone and Starfleet officer Riley Frazier. Once that was done, Picard severed the mechanical spine of the Borg Queen. It always did seem disconnected from the Borg plot. She then made a drone step forward, Seven of Nine's father, Magnus Hansen. The Sphere sent after Voyager managed to attack the ship. Upon hearing this the Borg altered course. The Queen even destroyed some cubes on which she could no longer hear a few drones to persuade her. We know that the Borg can repair their ships through thought, so the absence of the Queen resulting in the destruction of the Unicomplex is no surprise. When Janeway told them there was no alternative other than her proposal, the Collective agreed. This forced all remaining bio-ships in the Delta Quadrant to return to fluidic space. Despite this warning the Borg found Voyager entering the nebula again and they sent three Borg cubes to intercept. if you use Enhance Ability: Cat's Grace on a creature that rolls initiative, does that creature lose the better roll when the spell ends? There, Data found an opportunity to stop the Borg. Sometimes it is implied that the Borg Queen is an actual being who was once one person but enslaved many under a collective consciousness that they guide. Unknown to the away team Seven of Nine was contacted while they were en route to the transwarp coil. Once Magnus Hansen even stayed overnight within the cubes maturation chamber when the Raven's transporters failed. Their former captain introduced himself as Locutus of Borg and told them to surrender. Every drone is equipped with a homing device and has the ability to as… When One tried to reach a Borg alcove, drones tried to stop him, but they failed. This is what Brannon Braga said about it. This occurred because the Raven was hit by a subspace particle storm which knocked out their multi-adaptive shields. The queens are also grouped into a hierarchy. The movies never go into this, and Deep Space Nine pretty much dodges Borg encounters. After the Borg fired their third shot, the shields of the Enterprise were gone and they were able to knock the ship out of warp. (Star Trek: First Contact), The same year, Zefram Cochrane, during his commencement address at Princeton, revealed his unusual experience. The majority of Starfleet mobilized to defend themselves from the Borg. I read the Borg were supposed to have been introduced after episode "The Neutral Zone" as a 3 part trilogy of episodes but a writer's strike prevented it. CEO is pressing me regarding decisions made by my former manager whom he fired. The Borg detected a proximity signal in Unimatrix 325, Grid 006 (somewhere in the Delta Quadrant) and a Borg sphere altered its course accordingly. The Queen was told by Admiral Janeway that Captain Janeway was determined to destroy the transwarp hub. Although the Enterprise fired torpedoes and its phaser banks against them, the tractor beam remained in place. It beggars belief that the entire collective was dependent on a single individual on a single ship for their continued existence. The central plexus of a Borg cube was infiltrated by a Voyager away team, whose members were assimilated by the Borg but retained their individuality because The Doctor had prevented the link with the hive mind. This time, the Borg released the tractor beam; they had sustained twenty percent damage. Moments before Voyager's shields and armor went down, she turned around and entered the sphere itself. The Borg informed them of their imminent assimilation and although Voyager could match their firepower, the Borg attacked. The Queen used this moment to force Seven to abandon her Human sentiments, such as compassion and guilt, about the destruction of a species. When the Borg finally tracked the Federation shuttle and locked a tractor beam on it Seven tried to attack the Borg Queen but was stopped by her. The Borg cube was met and engaged by Starfleet at Wolf 359 by forty starships. One of those ships was a Borg scout vessel at the edge of the Beta Quadrant. And they would not have been affected by the attack upon the Collective and would have survived. Unknown to the Borg, this virus was specifically designed to attack them. Seven of Nine took over helm control via her assimilation tubules. But it's made clear in Best of Both Worlds that the outposts were destroyed by the Borg, prior to the Federation's first known contact with the Borg in "Q Who?" Picard knew the Borg would investigate the crash and wanted to take advantage of the situation by implanting a hostile program into the drone. Except for Hernandez, who had befriended a top scientist Caelier, who offered to heal her body and make her young again, by giving her a small injection of Catombs which is what the Caelier were made of (he did this in secret of the others). The Borg found Seven unique and wanted her back. What does that imply? Instead the Borg devised a multi-kinetic neutronic mine, a weapon of mass destruction. The Borg choose Seven of Nine to speak for them. When it opened a transwarp conduit a Borg Queen's vessel followed them in. The Borg captured Captain Janeway, now a Borg drone, and she was interrogated by the Borg Queen to give her an antidote. It turns out it was. (Star Trek: First Contact), A Federation starship also from 2373, the USS Enterprise-E, thwarted the Borg attempt by destroying the Borg sphere as it was firing against Cochrane, and a section of its broken hull landed in Earth's North Pole. When the sphere exited the aperture it detected a Brunali transport vessel and the USS Voyager. Because Seven of Nine had been assimilated at a very young age, she could not cope with her individuality. Only when Janeway suggested that they choose a single Borg to speak for them like Locutus, and threatened them that the deal would be void otherwise, did the Borg listen. She had traveled back in time to bring the crew of Voyager home. Seven was told by the Queen that species 10026 was already enhancing the Borg perfection but she detected the refugees Seven beamed onto the ship. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"; DS9: "Emissary"), The Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld. Memory Alpha tells us that the Queen's function is to order the Borg, so her removal would undoubtedly cause chaos for the Borg. Could the Borg Queen be freed from the Collective? She would work together with Tuvok on the modified nanoprobes and to adapt Voyager's weapons and defensive systems. The cube was captured by the Romulan Free State and became known as "the Artifact", site of the Romulan Reclamation Site under the Borg Artifact Research Institute and Borg Reclamation Project. During this encounter, no member of Starfleet learned the name of the Borg. Chakotay was cared for by Riley Frazier, a former drone and Starfleet officer, who used the Borg link to heal Chakotay's wounds. Although the Borg had detected the vessel, with three lifeforms and a hologram on board, the Borg Queen tried to persuade Seven to rescue them. Sometime after that, but still in the 2380s, she was aboard the Tal Shiar scout ship Shaenor that was captured and the crew assimilated, her madness causing the submatrix collapse that resulted in the Cube being severed from the Collective and going into shutdown. The Borg believed the Omega to exist in a flawless state and regarded it with near-reverence and all Borg were ordered to assimilate it at any cost. In 2375, the Borg were contacted by a 29th century Borg drone. The Borg contacted Seven of Nine via her neural transceiver and she was told the Borg knew about Voyager's plans to infiltrate the Borg sphere. When Seven accused the Borg of murdering her family the Queen denied, stating they were given perfection. (TNG: "Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds"; Star Trek Generations; DS9: "Emissary"; VOY: "Blood Fever", "Hope and Fear", "The Raven"), Within the Delta Quadrant, the Borg had a vast structure called the Unicomplex. I've been unsure of the Borg. They managed to synthesize a relatively stable single molecule of Omega, which resulted to the destruction of 29 Borg vessels and 600,000 drones. In terms of the TV series and movies there is nothing set in the future. Before the events of I,Borg, the Borg were a pure collective with no leaders. So, she decided to create a small collective between the four of them when the other drones refused to await their rescue and to rejoin the Collective. Enterprise - 'Regeneration' [S02E23] A team of researchers in Earth's Arctic Circle come across … Although severely wounded, he would not allow treatment because he felt that as long he was alive, the Borg Collective would try to assimilate him. (PIC: "Remembrance", "Maps and Legends", "The End is the Beginning", "The Impossible Box"). Locutus coldly stated that his resistance was hopeless. Although Voyager's crew found a transwarp coil, it was of no use to them because it was damaged beyond repair. It was believed the Unicomplex was the Borg headquarters. (VOY: "Fair Trade", "Unity", "Distant Origin"), The Collective had their own territory and ventured out, beyond it, on exploration missions. So they contacted the former drone Seven of Nine for help. We don't know whether the Borg could adapt to the neurolithic pathogen though. Amongst the casualties was Admiral Owen Paris, who was stationed at Starbase 234 at the time of the attack. Its debris field was about 120 kilometers wide. This action caused the Borg to lose control over several vessels in the Delta and Beta Quadrants. In turn for free passage of Voyager through their space, the Borg would gain their knowledge. However, the pedantry is irrelevant. When Seven asked her if she thought compassion was irrelevant the Queen did not answer. The Borg Queen's vessel was destroyed by the collapse of the aperture. Although the link was finally severed, they only had a month to live due to the extensive integration of the link. The queen (you never see but hear about during First Contact) during "Best of Both Worlds" dies when that ship is destroyed. If they are lost, the Borg continue unaffected overall. Afterward, Ensign Mulchaey's DNA was used to create its Human form. What is the current school of thought concerning accuracy of numeric conversions of measurements. The Borg hailed the Enterprise and told them to not defend themselves as they would be punished for it, interrupting Picard's greeting, and they locked a tractor beam onto the ship. Towards the end of the year 2377, the USS Voyager under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, with the aid of Admiral Kathryn Janeway from the future, destroyed the Borg Collective's Transwarp Hub and also infected Unimatrix One with a virus that killed the Borg Queen and severely damaged the Unicomplex. How can I visit HTTPS websites in old web browsers? Then the Enterprise was hailed by the Borg. This weapon was meant for highly-resistant species. As pointed out in @jim's answer, the Queen is destroyed in First Contact (set in 2373) and then reappears in VOY ('Endgame' is set in 2378). A few seconds later the Borg Queen assimilated Admiral Janeway. Also, how many of those Borg ships drones regained individuality? The Borg weren’t destroyed, but rather forever changed and went away with their Caelier brethren. He mentioned cybernetic creatures from the future, whose ultimate goal was to enslave the Human race, who tried to stop his first warp flight, if it weren't for a group of Humans also from the future. When the Borg sphere left the transwarp conduit in the Alpha Quadrant, it was met by a fleet of Starfleet ships. @O.R.Mapper That's fair as well for the sake of pedantry. After the shield geometry was altered their ships were no longer a threat to the Borg. In 2378, a Borg cube almost collided with the Voyager when it left a nebula, located in Spatial Grid 986, within the Delta Quadrant. (VOY: "Dark Frontier", "The Raven"), In 2362, the Borg assimilated the crew of the USS Tombaugh, which was under the command of Captain Blackwood. For this reason the physiology of Borg dronesvaries. After the first hit the cube crashed deliberately into the bio-ship, destroying both of them. Arturis was one of them. At the same time the sphere charged its weapons and altered course for Voyager. Three days later, the Borg left Earth. The Borg assimilate beings from every species they consider worthy (with the exception of some species on whom assimilation attempts fail, such as Species 8472). The Borg were determined to assimilate this species, which would bring them closer to their goal of perfection than any other species they had assi… Sometimes borg are interesting but most times they just destroy whole ai and stop the fun before it really began. Because the detonation took place near their power matrix, it caused a chain reaction which destroyed the entire ship, killing everyone on board. (VOY: "The Gift") Over the next four years, the starship still encountered Borg vessels. The Borg transported a drone to the engineering section of the unknown starship, right through the vessel's shields. However, the events of VOY following First Contact would indicate that she can be replaced. When she became aware of Captain Janeway's plans she tried to tempt her by sending Voyager directly to Earth, as long as she would not interfere between the Borg and Unimatrix Zero. About 20,000 were able to escape including a man … She was told Voyager would fight Species 8472 on their own territory. Because Phlox had momentarily been a part of the Borg's hive mind, he had heard the message. This gave Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres the opportunity to create a power surge which knocked the drone unconscious and permanently severed her link with the hive mind. After the Enterprise lost warp speed, the Borg immediately re-established their tractor beam, but without any warning the Enterprise broke free and sped away from the Borg. It was an order to destroy Unimatrix Zero. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species and knowledge. In 2373 on stardate 50614.2 Commander Chakotay of the starship Voyager answered a distress call from the ex-Borg known as the Cooperative. The USS Ark Royal was one of the ships that were destroyed in the Azure Nebula, when half of Task Force Archeron encountered the Borg. The cube managed to escape and took Voyager with it, still attached to the cube via a tractor beam. Although Janeway ordered her first officer that Unimatrix Zero could no longer exist the Queen was fooled. Either the collective consciousness would die thereby killing everyone, or their dictating leader would die causing them to be freed from mind control. The Borg had prevailed and Voyager and its crew would be assimilated. They weren’t allowed to contact home and the crew lived out their natural lives amongst the Caelier in relative comfort except no contact with home. After a second shot, the Enterprise again fired photon torpedoes at the Borg, but without any effect. Although Voyager fired her phasers the Borg vessel kept both ships locked. The Borg were antithetical to everything that the show was about: the human spirit, the spirit of discovery, self-betterment, compassion, friendship, loyalty, and so on. As a result, the entire Borg Collective seemed to regard the Federationas a threat that could no longer be tolerated. The Cooperative forced Chakotay to re-establish the neural link, via their residual link by which the Cooperative healed him, by starting the neuro electric generator on board the heavily damaged Borg cube for a few minutes. Moments later another drone materialized and continued towards the panel. The Borg cube required three hours to track down the Raven because Magnus masked their warp trail. The captured crew of the Enterprise helped the rogue Borg group to overthrow Lore. The Borg had lost millions of drones and thousand of worlds when, after assimilating a Starfleet probe in the Delta Quadrant, fifteen of their vessels encountered USS Voyager. the Borg collapsing as the queen dies due to the virus that the future Admiral Janeway infected them with. Even though it was the same actress in "Unimatrix Zero", it is a different queen. (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero", "Unimatrix Zero, Part II"). Magnus believed this drone worked for the Borg Queen and searched its cranial transceiver logs for evidence. He’s one of the few survivors of his species, ... even though his flagship was destroyed. He was the one who brought the ship in contact with the Borg in the first place. Although the cube was destroyed by Starfleet, a Borg sphere contained within reached Earth and successfully traveled to 2063. The USS Raven was partially assimilated and crashed on a remote moon in B'omar space. (TNG: "Q Who"; VOY: "Dragon's Teeth", "Unity") At one time, Voyager was thrown 9,500 light years, beyond Borg territory and ten years closer to Earth. When the away team left, the Borg sphere opened a transwarp conduit and traveled to the Unicomplex. A moment later they were fired upon but the Borg were able to invert Voyager's phaser beam with a feedback pulse, taking out their warp drive. The red star is my house: Unknown to the Borg at the time, Voyager had found those ships and one of the vessels who destroyed them, a Species 8472 bio-ship. Once the Borg Queen was dead, the Borg on the Enterprise fell down and died as well. An away team from the Enterprise boarded their vessel and watched how a drone performed some tasks. Their cities were removed from the planet's surface. More likely, they'd just unthaw another queen and give her the control codes. The Borg dropped their demand and told Janeway and Tuvok to develop a launching system. Here is the tornado's path. They were trying to locate Picard and to sabotage the cube, but the Borg sent drones after them. @Valorum We see a queen get killed in previous episodes? Because the species in question was Species 5618, Humanity, Seven refused to cooperate.

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