Dana Yeosan | Prince Carlos | Queen Lorelei | It's Barbie's birthday and her friends go looking for the perfect birthday present. Ambassador of Bulovia, Barbie as The Island Princess Barbie wakes up with disheveled hair, and the girls think she's a trend setter. The series centers on the life of Barbie, her friends, her siblings, her boyfriend, Ken and a number of pets. Images of the Barbie voice actors . Condition is New however voice activation does not work due to age. Barbie's dog, Taffy, has puppies and they become too much to handle. Meanwhile, Barbie gets back to her normal jobs due to disasters. Bridgette Cheynet | 10 January, 2021 (Sunday) She lives a lifestyle, posh is very a will doto. Rayna and Rayla | Princess Corinne | Ed | Bron | Barbie | Andy Barclay | Chris Vail | Closet Princess ... Raquelle demands more screen and voice time and Ken gets furious over his role as set janitor. SEE ALL Voice Actors » Shows. Vince | Raquelle also had to wear fake wings. Ann Darrow | Jeremy | Tika | Ted Shackleford | Trey Reardon | 1. Carl Denham | However, because of Raquelle's help, they finally snapped Graciella back to normal. Silversmith | Taffy Roberts | Emma | Barbie Freya | 9 | Teresa | DJ | Gaia | Twyla | Skipper Roberts | Midge Hadley | Honest John | Queen Calissa | The Nutcracker | Fallon Casey | Alexander | Pearl, Barbie: Mariposa Sally | Raquelle | Madison and Makayla | Barbie® doll's life in the Dreamhouse® mansion is pretty FAB! King of Zinnia | Cole Elif | Queen Danielle | The girls go on a scavenger hunt at the beach. Aidan's Father | Her excuse was that she didn't really think Barbie would take it seriously, but Barbie got upset and wanted to get away, so she went to Paris to visit her aunt. Her specific targeting of Barbie implies that she might be jealous of Barbie's good nature and beauty. Princess Brietta | 11 images (& sounds) of the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse cast of characters. Barbie | Baker | Stacie Roberts | Hue | Teresa thinks Barbie can't cook, and Barbie wants to prove her wrong. Major Mint | King Frederick | Archibald | Type of Hero George Roberts | Raquelle briefly appeared in this film. Hailey | Fabian | Echo | Barbie told everything to Graciella about the love potion that planned by Crystal. Prince Kieran | Pegapony | Lin Yuan Guo | The sisters struggle to keep up with Barbie's overly energetic best friend, Summer, who just moved into town. Mayor Jenkins, Barbie: Spy Squad Sweet Pea | Alias The Fairies | George Roberts | Sugar Plum Fairy, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess Raquelle throws an epic party just to show up Barbie in front of all of her friends. Gussie Mausheimer | Delancy Devin | Princess Kara | Don't have an account? Barbie | Udesky | Skipper hosts a trivia competition in which Teresa, Nikki, Raquelle, and Midge compete to see who is Barbie's true best friend. At the end of the movie, Raquelle goes to meet up with Barbie and Ken at Wally's, after having a feeling they would be there. Tammy | Honey | Honey | Charlotte | Sparkles | Purple Mer-teen, Barbie and the Secret Door Danny Butterman | Maisie Lockwood | Prince Reginald | Barbie | Queen Karina | Tony Toponi | Madame Natasha | Zia | King Regellius | Raquelle asks Barbie for modeling advice with a hidden agenda. Ally Mahoney | Ken | Queen Isabella | Marie Roberts | Franklin Webb | Keeya Saunders | Ophelia "Diva" Butler | And as everyone knows from her in-the-know vlog, she has her finger on the pulse of what is trending right this second. Princess Rosella | Grace | Mathayus the Scorpion King | Dillon Matthews | Unicorns, Barbie in Princess Power Harry Henderson | Barbie Heroes | When Midge starts to miss the snow in Wisconsin, Ken brings the snow to her. Raquelle's shoes were silver and had straps that wrapped around her shins. Teresa | Margaret Roberts | Fred | Letty Ortiz | Mila, Barbie: Starlight Adventure They were high heeled sandals, and had butterflies on some straps on the foot. Prince Derek | King Nereus | Buddy | Ken | Durotan | Later, they object the wedding between Ken and Graciella, which made the princess furious once again and try to stop them. Hallie and Dua | Lily | Ambassador Renata | Bruce Baxter | Stacie Roberts | Savannah | The top part of the dress was purple down to the hips, and the skirt was flowing and bright blue. Teresa | Delphine | Morning Star | Mariposa | Mr. DNA | Romy | Mr. Nobody | Ambassador of Bismark | Gifts, Goofs, Galore. Willa | Zuma | The funniest and overall best moments of Barbie's arch-rival, RRRRAQUELLE.Nothing owned by me. Voice Actors, Characters, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, ... Raquelle 2 incarnations. Summer (sometimes)CrystalNikki (sometimes)Teresa (sometimes)Grace FindleyTia AshbeiCourtney Tsubasa (she never made up with them). Balto | Carrie and Taylor tell that they are going to visit a friend which they re-connected (Princess Graciella) at their hometown (Gloss Angeles). Raquelle. Aramina | Eddie Carr | Princess Graciella | Family Majestique | The Lorax | Curious George | Melody | Lazlo | Ian | Hilarion | Viveca | After Barbie and her friends don't want to jump on board with Raquelle's new saying, Raquelle wanders into an alternate dimension where she's the star. Corinne D'Artagnan | Fly | Zee | Skipper Roberts | Romy | Glimmer | Stone Fairy, Barbie as Rapunzel However, Barbie tricks the clone into removing its comb that contains A.I. Merfairy | Jacques Roussel | Lulu | Delta | Prince Chadwick | Carrie O'Malley | RuthlessFlightFriendlyLoyaltyJoyfulnessCharisma, KenTeresaNikki O'NeillSummer Gordon (sometimes)Princess GraciellaCarrie O'MalleyTaylor Wall. Girls will find it "amazing! Prince Derek | Sophie | Olivia, Barbie and The Three Musketeers Barbie | Agnes Gru | Taylor Wall | Richard B. Riddick | Serafina | Willa | When Raquelle was travelling around Gloss Angeles, she wore the same outfit that she was wearing when she went to see Ken at Wally's. However, the purple skirt looked more like petals. Ambassador Mirabella | Princess Meredith | Madame Katerina | Kelly Roberts | DreamWorks Heroes | Princess Janessa | She is evil. Renée Honda | Alexandra Privet | Nikki O'Neill, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Plus, she also says iconic phrases from the show. Queen Frieda | Prince Nicholas | Princess Courtney | Prince Leo | Barbie | Full Name Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. Andie | Jimmy | Ken | Jonathan Carnahan | Charlie | M.B. "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" Sisters' Fun Day (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Bullwrinkle J. Moose (2000) | Liam | Ken invents a shrinking ray and accidentally shrinks Barbie and Raquelle. John Bennett | Prince Edmund | Allegra James | Princess Lumina | Kelly Malcolm | Violet | The series debuted on May 11, 2012 and is available on Barbie.com, Netflix and YouTube. John Hammond | Small Soldiers Heroes | Sequin | Sagi | Aunt Marie | Felix | Chelsea gets a dolphin tank installed in the middle of the Dreamhouse, but the dolphin escape and the group has to get them back. Han Seoul-Oh | Dr. Leonard | The girls head back out to the woods as Stacie is looking to earn her wilderness badge. They forgave each other and because of their forgiveness, it let the Furry Sphere to disappear and let them fly with their new wings and clothes. Principal characters Barbie takes Ken, Ryan, and Raquelle camping.

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